what is CICA?

One of the 2017 Hottest Korean Beauty Key Words is “CICA” and pretty much every (well-known) brand has released similar types of cream, generally with”CICA” as part of the product name – So I’d like to give some information & reviews about these “CICA” products. 1. Definition It is not a medical/cosmetical word but is […]

Meet the affordable Dermacosmetics – “The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur”

One trend in cosmetics industry (in Korea now) is Dermocosmetics (Most Koreans say “Derma-cosmetics” = Derma(tology) + Cosmetics). …..introducing these affordable new products from The Face Shop ‘Dr. Belmeur’ line You may heard about these two big brands “Dr. Jart” and “CNP” – they are well known for Dermocosmetics in Korea and customers are proven […]

Top 3 Luxurious ‘Hydrating Ampoule’ in Korean Cosmetics

If your whitening products are not working properly, you may need to check your hydration level. When the skin isn’t hydrated it becomes dry which is a problem if you suffer from acne, dermatitis or eczema because dry skin can make your condition worse, also result in wrinkles and blemishes. But why a luxurious brand? […]

Sidmool’s Most Popular Item “EGF Ampoule” with Roller

“A drop a day, doctor goes away?” Well.. I guess it could be true. A proper daily serum can make you less visit to skin clinic. A serum – concentrated skin treatment which delivers active factors such as brightening, anti-aging, reparing etc, faster than other skincare products to achieve more younger, healthier skin. (More information […]