IOPE UV Shield Skin Energy Sun Review

One of my long-time used sunscreen is ‘IOPE UV Shield EX(Now XP, renewal version)’ – still use it depends on my skincare products, sometimes too well-hydrated sometimes bit dry so I select among my 4 sunscreens(^^;;) according to my daily skin condition as well as demanding makeup look.

Early this year, IOPE released new Retinol Expert Serum – IOPE’s Retinol products are very powerful and one of the most popular in Korea, and this new sunscreen ‘UV Shield Skin Energy Sun’ which perfect pairs with the new Retinol product. It’s weightless, non-sticky and hydrating formula which leaves no visible trace or cast, and gives you a comfortable, moist feeling.

< Features >

1. Texture

Skin Energy Sun‘ is a slightly lighter texture and glides effortlessly on the skin, leaving the skin with a hydrated and fresh feeling (non-greasy and well absorbed).
Shield XP‘ also gives a fresh result, however in the beginning of application you may feel greasy, but don’t worry as it is quickly absorbed.

2. Details

*V.D. Booster treats signs of ageing from UV rays while strengthening the skin’s barrier

The formula is mild, contains no-harmful ingredients and designed to deliver a soothing benefit while strengthening skin barrier for more comfortable, healthier and revitalised skin. Comparatively ‘UV Shield XP’ helps protect skin from fine dust and external aggressors (Micro-Filter System™).

< My Tips >

It’s not new, just common sense^^;
• Choose a sunscreen in favor of your makeup look.
Eg. Matte formula is great for semi-matte/matte makeup look. Hydrating formula should go to dewy look, be ware that too much hydration(layering) would disturb your makeup application, likely too matte will expose your dryness, especially crack mark around your nose, believe me^^.

When your skin get sensitive, try to avoid heavy, full makeup. Calm down skin sensitivity with your daily skincare products first, and use physical, hypoallergenic/low irritant sun products or simply use tone-up sunscreens (Eg. Innisfree Truecare Sunscreen or Dr.Orga 100 Sun Cream) for reducing makeup steps – more touching your skin, gives more irritation.

• Similar to above, check the ingredients and consider your skin type.
Eg. If have oily skin, use a oil-free, non-greasy (mattifying) formula – lighter base or gel type is better.

< Useful Tips from Director Pi >

If you like dewy-looking makeup, you can find a very useful tip in this video:

< Regulation of Sunscreen In Australian >

In Australia, if a product contains sunscreen, they are required to register with the TGA(Therapeutic Goods Administration), including:

• Primary sunscreens – sunscreens used for protection from UV radiation that have a rated sun protection factor (SPF) of 4 or more
• Secondary sunscreens – insect repellents with sunscreen with an SPF of 4 or more and moisturisers with sunscreen with an SPF greater than 15

If you love Korean sunscreens, you may try this site ‘’ (Korean e-retailer, sold sunscreens, cleansers & some skincare brands).

< Conclusion >

IOPE Sunscreen review goes on long with off-topic
Lab-based skincare brand IOPE produces quite GOOD skincare products(stem cell, retinol etc,.) , giving a solution for your skin concern as well as makeup, although cushions popularity drops, and their sun products are still impressive. Suncare with intensive skincare properties – I like the concept and delivers what it says: protects skin from UV rays and photo-stimulation, and energises skin with comfort, balance and a healthy condition.

Wearing a sunscreen not only protects skin from UV damage & premature skin ageing but help protect you from skin cancers. Just pick one which is suitable for your skin, doesn’t matter chemical or physical, and wear it and reapply it as much as you can.

Thanks for reading & Stay safe~

*Quick note:
Chemical sunscreens degrade more quickly when you’re exposed to the sun, and easily spread, leaving no white-cast. Physical(mineral) sunscreens are more stable and deliver better sun protection, however they’re not as soft as chemical ones (getting better in formulas and textures though) but trends going to these Physical ones. If hard to pick, these previous articles can help you and I will update soon with more of new products.

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