My Little Winter Skincare Tips

Hi guys~ Hope you’re all well and thanks for those visiting my blog even with a long absence😅. It has been long enough break for me, not taking care of my skin, and this early winter coldness🌨 seriously attacks my skin, getting dry patches, flaky and more wrinkles so I’d like to share some skincare […]

Essence? Serum? What’s included in your daily skincare regimen?

Even if new to this term, you may have heard about “Estee Lauder Brown Bottle” or “SK-II / Treatment Essence”. So What’s different? If the texture is bit watery – you can call it an “Essence” and if kind of tacky texture – that’s the serum (most of Korean brands call “ampoule”). Serums are not […]

The Surprising Korean Skincare Trend – ‘Fermentation’

Karen Ballou, CEO of Immunocologie, a new American skin-care company also tapping into fermentation technology, agrees. “By fermenting key ingredients, we actually enhance the effectiveness of the active ingredients that are loaded in the product. Most [un-fermented] skin care is created by heating up a blended formula to a high temperature and then cooling it […]