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    Thanks for joining me! These blogs are transferring from old blogs even late 2015 which I started  posting about Korean Cosmetics(K-Beauty) and  will post new articles when they’re done.. keep an eye on me if you’re interested in Korean Beauty Products..^^ When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful. — Zoe Kravitz

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♫ Heize(헤이즈) – You’re Cold | It’s Okay To Not Be Okay ♫

Korean Lyrics.. 네 목소리가 들리면 그땐, 내 숨소리가 가빠져 그래꽤나 오랜시간을 나조차도 모르게, 너는 날 물들여 갔나봐 어느새부터일까, 나의 시간은 너를 따라 다녔고아직오지도 않은, 너 없는 날이 벌써부터 겁이나거짓말같이 너에게 다정해지는 나를 보며넌 뭐가있는걸까? 왜자꾸 나는 너를 따라 변할까 You take my breath away, my everything더 많이 많이 사랑한 쪽이 더 아프대 널 많이 많이 […]

HERA Glow Lasting Foundation SPF25/PA++ Review

Currently I switched from cushion foundation to Hera Black Foundation – foundation only, not layering cushion or powder as the Black Foundation itself deliver very good natural-looking finish, no need to retouch – in my makeup routine, and couldn’t resist to try this new HERA Glow Lasting Foundation. Not many authentic (not sponsored) reviews yet […]