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    Thanks for joining me!These blogs are transferring from old blogs even late 2015 which I started  posting about Korean Cosmetics(K-Beauty) and  will post new articles when they’re done.. keep an eye on me if you’re interested in Korean Beauty Products..^^ Do you have any questions about K-beauty products? If you contact me and I will […]

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Inner Beauty Supplements For Skin (Part II)

As Mask Rules from Covid-19 ease in Korea, consumers are getting into ‘beyond skincare’ to improve their skin condition, taking helpful ingredients such as vitamins, collagen, biotin etc. Undoubtedly, probiotics supplements demand have become increasingly popular during Covid-19 to improve immunity and now people are seeking more potential healthy ingredients not only for skin but […]

Korean Inner Beauty Products (Part 1 – Dietary Supplement)

Was going to post about different topic today, however I have bought a ticket to Korea(yay~🥳) so changed subject to this, ‘Dietary & Inner Beauty Care’ beauty supplements that help weight loss and improve skin suppleness & elasticity (hoping this routine gonna help me back to ‘slimmer me’ before flying to Korea😜) I’m certain that […]