What is CICA?

One of the 2017 Hottest Korean Beauty Key Words is "CICA" and pretty much every (well-known) brand has released similar types of cream, generally with”CICA” as part of the product name - So I'd like to give some information & reviews about these "CICA" products. 1. Definition It is not a medical/cosmetical word but is... Continue Reading →

Madecassoside Cream OR Cicapair Cream?

I feel like skincare routines get simpler nowadays, not only our skin gets better - brighter, plumper and glowing.. also skincare products are innovatively progressing. Is it just my thought? ^^;; Well new products are releasing, they have combined benefits such as 'Mamonde Peeling Toner (peeling & toning at a time)', Dr Jart Night Re.pair... Continue Reading →

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