2020 Best Korean Sunscreen(s)

Here is Director Pi's 'Top Of Top' list, which she picked as 'The Best' item by skin type. If your sunscreens are not working well with your skin, you probably should consider if the product is suitable for your skin type or contains any irritants that can cause skin irritations. < Top Of Top 2020... Continue Reading →

2020 Best Sunscreens By Director Pi (Part II)

Even though you're a fan of mineral(physical) sunscreens, or a person who cannot tolerate of white cast or dryness and hard application from mineral sunscreens, then here are some products you need to check. Their formulas get developed with safer ingredients so that minimizes skin irritation and discomfort. Just a reminder, chemical sunscreens need time... Continue Reading →

2020 Best Sunscreens By Director Pi

I've been waiting for this post from Director Pi as new-released sunscreens were on my mind, although I still have lots of unfinished sunscreens however new products are always tempting, refreshing to me - not a good habit though^^; ☀️2020 Sunscreen Trends Reef-safe FormulaYou may already know that sunscreen contributes to coral bleaching and harms... Continue Reading →

Best Hydrating Ampoule By Director Pi (Part 2)

Director Pi has divided into Soothing and Hydrating - Soothing ampoule balances water/oil level and soothes skin irritation, and Hydrating ampoule more focusing on hydrating (infusing your cells with water) also having a soothing benefit. < TOP 5 Hydrating Ampoule > Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule (just renewed with new packaging, formula as well as size)... Continue Reading →

Best Sunscreens for baby and pregnancy (Part 2)

< 2019 Sunscreen Trend > Physical sunscreen Especially babies and kids, go for a physical(mineral) sunscreen also trending mixed formula (chemical & physical) for adults.Multi-functional sunscreen Blocks fine dust, and anti-pollution functional products have been released a lot, however need to consider appropriate SPF(effectiveness), your skin type, eye irritation and long-lasting effect mainly.Sunscreen division Has... Continue Reading →

Best Sunscreens for baby and pregnancy (Part 1)

There are lots of new sunscreens on the market especially this year (seems like), and quite confusing and hard to choose which sunscreen is the best for my skin. Luckily Director Pi (cosmetics ingredients analyst and more) posted 4 big topics on her Youtube and blog, narrowing down sunscreens by formulas, ingredients and function etc,..... Continue Reading →

Toner? Essence? Choose By Skin Types

*Definition Facial Toner used to be designed to cleanse the skin, removing excess oil and impurities mostly using alcohol, however modern-day toners are more gentle on the skin and have additional benefits such as hydrating, soothing and anti-aging, also can be named essence, tonic or booster.To put it simply, a toner is a liquid delivering... Continue Reading →

How To Restore Skin Barrier Function

This post is additional information from previous blog, digging in more about 'Skin Barrier Function', which is an extremely important in skincare as it protects skin from the environmental stressors - cause of sensitive skin. A thin, weak and damaged skin barrier allows irritants in easily such as pollution, infection & toxic chemicals - resulting... Continue Reading →

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