Toner? Essence? Choose By Skin Types


Facial Toner used to be designed to cleanse the skin, removing excess oil and impurities mostly using alcohol, however modern-day toners are more gentle on the skin and have additional benefits such as hydrating, soothing and anti-aging, also can be named essence, tonic or booster.

To put it simply, a toner is a liquid delivering all these benefits:
1. Cleansing (Removes dead skin cells & dirt)
2. Refining (Preps skin for the following products)
3. Hydrating
No need to be confused by the names ‘Booster, Treatment Essence or Tonic’, just pick the right one for your skin needs.

*Recommendation by skin type

So how to choose the best toner for my skin? Here is the information from ‘Director Pi’s blog – what I like about her beauty tip/advice is based on her expert industry knowledge, not teaming up with specific brands or marketing connection, as well as tested by herself, showing true results, plus she is/was used to co-operated in making a cosmetics, knowing how to make ‘Good Cosmetics’.

< For Dry Skin Type >
Look for the Gentle Exfoliation + pH Balance. Alcohol may cause skin irritation and further drying-out, and exfoliating(AHA/BHAs) steps may not need this toner step. Also if your skin balanced by using low pH cleanser, may not be necessary to balance your pH levels.

< For Dry Skin – Hydrating Formula >
This is especially for Dehydrated(Extra) Dry Skin. Most of Koreans distinguish toner into 2 types – Hydrating Formula (called ‘Mool-To’) which use with hands to aid absorption, and other is surface Refining Toner(‘Dak-To’) which helps removes dead skin cells and impurities, using a cotton pad.
If you have very dry skin, looking for Hyaluronic Acid(large molecule) enriched toner or natural oils to help provide deep hydration & lock in moisture.

< Product Recommendation >

Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Toner – Sugarcane extract helps remove dead skin cells while hydrating.
Is & Tree Hyaluronic Acid Toner – large molecule Hyaluronic Acid provide deep hydration for longer
Rovectin Activating Treatment Lotion – also good for combination to oily skin.

< For Oily/Acne-prone Skin types >
Look for ‘Sebum Control & pH Balance’.

< Product Recommendation >

U:RE Skin Eggplant Master All-In-One Toner
Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Trea Tree Extract to hydrate skin with anti-inflammatory benefit
Lirikos Calming Pure Water 12 ingredients, contains panthenol, excellent soothing ingredient with anti-oxidant benefit

< For Sensitive Skin >

Mamonde Chamomile Pure Toner – minimal ingredients with Chamomile Extract to sooth and comfort skin

< Pair with Cotton Pad >
Toners can applied in different ways and it show better results if you match right type of cotton pads with each toner’s function.

  1. ‘Dak-To’ (Skin Refining Toner)
    As the aim is cleansing and resurfacing skin texture so it’s better applying with cotton pads rather than using hands.
  2. ‘Mool-To’ (Hydrating Toner)
    Using your hands is more effective to provide deep hydration. Gently pat to aid absorption.
  3. ‘Skin Pack’ (Facial Gauze Treatment)
    By applying a toner onto flat, wide cotton/sponge pad or a piece of gauze, soaking with toner and leave on the face for a few minutes(for active ingredients to penetrate). Great for wide area, T-Zone or under jaw-line.

*2019 Get It Beauty Recommendation

In addition, 2019 Get It Beauty program is back and add new/hot SNS ‘it’ items to compare expert picks and most popular & sold in the market products. Here is the result:

< Best 2019 Get It Beauty Toner(s) >
2018 Get It Beauty Winners are second-time winner in this year, and proven that better function(sebum controlling & hydrating) on skin.

  1. ISOI Acni Dr. 1st Control Tonic (For oily skin)
  2. Skinfood Royal Honey Good Toner

*article source from Director Pi’s Blog and Get It Beauty Show, and image copyright myskingotbetter@blog.

Thanks for reading and see you next post~

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