How To Remove Blackheads & Shrink Pores

This is an additional information for the previous post ‘Best Blackheads Remover(s)’ and added easy way to prevent blackheads, from your daily routine along with product recommendations.

Excessive sebum and oils build up in the pore, creating comedones(blackhead or whitehead) or form blemishes – skin inflammation(acne). Here are some tips to help stop the pores getting blocked and treat developed blackheads.

< In A Daily Routine >

  1. Using Facial Cleansers
    Gently massage cleansing oil onto dry skin, using cleansing brush or cleansing puff to get rid of dirt, sebum & oils. Most whiteheads dissolves and 30~40% of blackheads is removed in this step.
Eg. Cleansing Puff: Paul Medison Cleansing Puff, Swanicoco Face Finish

Follow with low pH foam/bubble(water-based) cleanser:
Etude House SoonJung Whip Cleanser – ideal for combination, oily & dehydrated oily skin
• May not need a second cleanser for dry skin, simply rinse with water.

2. Using Facial Toners
Combination or oily skin types are most prone to blackheads and the key ingredients are mostly used on these skin type products.
(1) Silica and Calamine – sebum absorbing/ controlling ingredients with anti-inflammatory benefit
(2) Witch Hazel – pore care & anti-inflammatory
(3) Willow Bark Extract – natural BHA, which helps reduce dead skin cell, blackheads & sebum

Sioris Feel So Fresh Toner – Ideal for combination troubled skin
Acnes Sebum Balancing Toner – Ideal for oily troubled skin
Innisfree 1/2 Cotton Pad (Good to pair with ‘Skin Pact’ type cotton Pad)

3. Exfoliation
Exfoliate 1~2 times a week to dissolve dead skin.

(1) Physical Exfoliant
Pore strip also can clean out pores but remember high effectiveness brings out high risk of skin damage.
Ex1) CNP Antipore Blackheads Clear Kit (chemical, better than nose strip) – You may not see results as quickly, but it really is just as effective
(2) Chemical(BHA, AHA) Exfoliant
Ex2). Ducray Keracnyl Control Cream – AHA(6.03%) + BHA(0.%)
Ex3). Lapothicell AC Daily Calming Peeling Booster – Removes Whiteheads & Reduce Blackheads
(Hypoallergenic formula with AHA+BHA(less than 1%), Ideal for combination to oily/dehydrated oil skin and rinse with water if have sensitive skin. Can be used for entire face & chest too)

Ex4) CNP Invisible Peeling Booster – Hypoallergenic with PHA – slow process/result
(3) Peeling Pads (Physical & Chemical)

< Control Sebum & Oils >

  1. Use a Clay Mask to Minimize Oil
    Ex1). Dreamworks I’m The Real Shrek Pack
    Titanium Dioxide helps absorb excess sebum and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates skin. Recommend for oily skin & use once a week.
    Ex2) Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask (Recommend for dry skin)
  2. Sebum Controlling Powder
    Using an oil-blotting paper can be good to lift excess oil off, but powders offer skincare benefits such as hydrating & soothing.
    Ex3) Sidmool Sebum Zero Centella Powder -soothing benefit

< Use anti-aging, firming products >

To help not only improve the shape of your pores but maintain healthy, clean pores – will not reduce the actual pore size however it will help reduce the look of enlarged pores.

Ex1) ISOI Pore Tightening Fresh Gel Cream
– Contains peptides & adenosine to improve firmness while strengthening barrier (Ideal for combination to dehydrated oily skin
Ex2) Etude House Collagen Cream
– Hydrolyzed collagen(63.4%), combination to oily skin – contains fragrance. Recommend for 20s
Ex3) IOPE Live Lift Serum
– Peptides, Adenosine & Agave Leaf Extract boost firming effect. Ideal for dry skin type – contains fragrance & shea butter
Ex4). Eucerin Hyaluron Night Cream
– Glycine Soybean Germ Extract & Shea Butter help firm, moisturize & strengthen skin barrier with Panthenol. (Ideal for Dry Skin)

ps. Other option – prescription retinol(like retinol)
Retinoids can help to combat blackheads and the appearance of pores as well as promoting skin cell turn over cycle, however bit strong may irritate certain skin types

< Special Care for Blemishes/Acne >

Removing dead skin cells & white/blackheads may easy, can rely on cosmetics, however severe forms of acne should be treated by a dermatologist. These are some tips for mild acne or pimples to prevent getting worse:

  1. Sebum control & Moisturizing
    Eg. Ethanol, Silica + Butylene Glycol, Glycerin
    Minimizing blackheads/regular exfoliation also can dry out your skin — if your skin is really dry and oil production overcompensates, it creates more oil and more blackheads to balance in the skin, so make sure finish with moisturizers.
  2. Remove Dead skin cells – Using Salicylic Acid(BHA) lower than 3%
  3. After Care – Reduce Scar/Pigmentation
    Look for Niacinamide, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid & Asiatic Acid ingredients to fade acne scars.

Eg. HanYul Mentha Trouble Spot Gel – Contains Ethanol, Silica, BHA(0.45%) & Niacinamide (1%), Great for spot care
Eg. Cellapy A.Repair Cream & The Reve Centella Hydro Cream – Help to reduce acne scar & repair skin damage

Hope this is useful and reminder ‘Do not over exfoliate and focus on strengthening skin’s protective barrier and natural power’ is the best way to keep healthy, glowing skin.

Thanks for reading~

Article source from Director Pi’s blogs and Google search.

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