Sulwhasoo & O HUI Brightening Cushion Comparison

Before starting comparing, I have made a new category for a ‘Quick Product Review’ for those interested in Hot & New Korean cosmetics and considering whether to buy. It will be a short(may long^^;;) – not much detail, but I wish you can get some ideas on those product before purchasing.

< Product Details >

These Top 2 Luxury Brands in Korea, ‘O HUI (LG Cosmetics)’ & ‘Sulwhasoo’ (Amore Pacific) renewal version, have launched a more radiant, luminous finish with skin brightening effect:

  1. Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cushion
  • Benefits: UV Protection (SPF50+/PA+++), Whitening
    (older version has an anti-wrinkle & whitening benefit)
  • Features: Contain White Ginseng Extract, the main ingredients of Snowise Brightening Serum

2. O HUI Ultimate Brightening Cushion

  • Benefits: UV Protection (SPF50+/PA+++), Whitening & Wrinkle-improvement
  • Well known for ‘Flight Attendant Favorite Item’ and releases special set each month with different case design

Both have light texture, light~medium coverage – but easily buildable and simply deliver unified, more radiant & luminous skin as described.

< Color Comparison >

‘O Hui & Sulwhasoo Snowise’ are both pink base which makes the skin more radiant & slightly tone up effect – Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion (EX) has yellow base.

(Note that I’m a No.23 shade user with yellow tone, and first image is a OHUI Ultimate Cover Moisture)

< Coverage >

O Hui Ultimate Cover Moisture (Jane Packer design in this picture) is more hydrating formula so it has less coverage than others, however all products naturally blur skin imperfections evenly, making natural, looks great on me.

< Cushion Case Compatibility >

LG Cosmetics Cushions(O HUI & The History of Whoo) are all compatible – it hasn’t changed, and Sulwhasoo Snowise & Perfecting cushions(EX) are compatible with each other, however these new versions don’t fit in the older(previous) version. Renewal version is slimmer, thick rim and more curvy.

< About Shade >

O HUI cushion is same, available in 2 shades(No.1 Light & No.2 Natural), however there is some change in Sulwhasoo that makes it confusing, especially the naming. Because No.21 (Natural Pink) is similar to No.23 standard user with pink base – it means other Korean cushion No.21 users may need to pick ‘No.17 (Ivory Beige/Pink)’ for their pale, bright skin tone as No.21 looks slightly darker than previous one.

Conclusion first, if you are new to Sulwhasoo – follow this simple chart’s shade recommendation.

There are total 6 shades available in Korea and Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX boasts more shade (10 shades) for various skin tones. Plus.. I feel that pink base is slightly lighter than yellow base – I guess the aim(as well as Color Hue) is for more brighter, radiant & luminous complexion comparatively yellow base for more natural tone down result.
*Added here this reference for full shades.

< My Thought >

This new version of Sulwhasoo Snowise Brightening Cushion and OHUI Ultimate Brightening Cushion are a bit pricey but worth it: luxurious package – it certainly draws my eye^^ & results in excellent adherence.
Provides a good coverage with lightweight, not cakey at all, and maintains for long hours. Both have scent, not strong and floral ( Ohui has more sweet-floral scent) & pleasant, and comes with an extra refill.

It may feel light on your skin which doesn’t bother me because simply evens out my dull, bit yellowish skin tone with pure radiance – if need more coverage, you can apply a concealer on top of cushion as like ‘Laneige Layering Cushion’ which has concealer part – just dap a small amount with finger.
Also if need more hydrating, go for the ‘O HUI Ultimate Cover Moisture’, especially this months special package is so gorgeous and comes with Jane Packer perfume(10ml). For a semi-matte finish with slightly better coverage, O HUI Brightening or Sulwhasoo Snowise are better.
All the above purely deliver their brands’ value.

Any questions have please let me know, wish to share^^
Thanks for reading~

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