Laneige Neo Cushion Matte (All New) Review

Laneige Neo Cushion has become a whole New Era. Bit exaggerated😅 but yes, the million-selling cushion of Laneige released a new version of Neo Cushion 'Laneige Neo All New' (The 2nd generation of Neo Cushion). The perfect concept of 'Matte' which is transfer-free formula, ideal for when we're wearing a face mask and now move... Continue Reading →

Perfect Canvas for Makeup

Have you heard about Skinimalism (Skin + Minimalism)? It's similar to 'skipcare' however is a more advanced version. If you search this, one of this year '2023 Beauty Trends - Skinimalism' (continued on this year) on google: The idea of pairing down your skincare routine without sacrificing benefits A philosophy of skincare that adopts a... Continue Reading →

My First Sulwhasoo – Sulwhasoo Rebloom

Korea's representative beauty brand, actually 2 big brands recently have been rebranded: a global luxury skincare brand 'Sulwhasoo' and 'Innisfree' the K-beauty brand that uses the finest ingredients from Korea's pristine Jeju Island. These 2 subsidiary brands of Amorepacific, have big changes on their BI (brand identity) and packaging as well as the formula on... Continue Reading →

Laneige Neo Foundation Matte Review

Hot right now! Why? - Have tested and hope this article helps to make your decision easily😊 As Laneige Neo Cushion has 'mega sold' (for me it was also a totally satisfying product), I couldn't wait to try this new Laneige Neo Foundation Matte.When launched in July at Aritaum (authorized Amorepacific online/ off-line mall) -... Continue Reading →

Mask Friendly Makeup (#Foundation)

Again..late post😖 Have been working on a new site where you can purchase the products that are mentioned in this blog site - hope to have & introduce more products that you may interest (the site should be available later this month😉). 🙆🏻‍♂️ Transfer-proof Formula Foundation None-of-products can prevent 100% transfer to your face mask... Continue Reading →


I was so into a nude-tone, natural-looking matte makeup for a while, using only foundation and bit of powder, however feel like something missing such as dewy-looking, or subtle radiance that makes me look younger or as if I have good skin^^; I have been enjoying this FP (Foundation & Powder) Duo makeup (I may... Continue Reading →

HERA Glow Lasting Cushion Review

One of the best-selling cushion foundations in Korea is the 'HERA Black Cushion' which has lightweight, medium to high coverage with long-lasting effect and delivers semi-matte finish.I have enjoyed this 'Black Cushion' more than 'HERA Mist Cushion' even though a slightly lighter shade than Mist Cushion, resulting sometimes in a hard to blend visible line... Continue Reading →

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