Laneige Neo Cushion Matte (All New) Review

Laneige Neo Cushion has become a whole New Era. Bit exaggerated😅 but yes, the million-selling cushion of Laneige released a new version of Neo Cushion ‘Laneige Neo All New’ (The 2nd generation of Neo Cushion). The perfect concept of ‘Matte’ which is transfer-free formula, ideal for when we’re wearing a face mask and now move to the new concept of All New Matte: keeping non-transfer formula and adding Hydration to make your skin more breathable, comfortable and hydrated.

🎯What has been changed?

  1. Hyper Slim yet Strong Coverage (Ultra-Fit Neo)
    New formula applies on the skin thinner and evenly. The 2-Step Seamless Technology, containing ultrafine powder particles, allows to spread more widely even a single application and gives thin, even yet strong coverage.

    📍Cushion sponge
(new version has more dense and finer holes that comes out more amount and evenly)

The new cushion sponge transfers the content perfectly to the puff and delivers to the skin seamlessly, adhering close to the skin – I feel weightless and single touch (one dabbing of cushion content) was enough to cover my entire face so be aware to press gently to prevent over-release of content.

📍Puff (applicator)

(new puff with upgraded texture)

*New puff has a better slit that is repeatedly open and close to hold or release the content, and contains plant-derived ingredient for the skin comfort.


  1. Skincare Benefits
    Formulated with NEO SKIN BOOSTER COMPLEX™ which contains skincare ingredients to make your skin more radiant from within.
    The key ingredients are:
  • Panthenol (Firming)
  • Lotus Flower Extract (Anti-oxidant)
  • Blue Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration & Moisturization)
    + Corn Mint Extract to oil control

It makes my skin feel not dry and very comfortable, however I feel a less cooling effect though when I first applied, compared to a previous version.

  1. Touch Free
    Upgrade formula improved 1.5 x greater adherence and completed up to 50hrs long-lasting effect with a single touch. Also proven to keep skin hydration up to 10 hrs.

  1. Packaging
    Overall the new cushion gets more minty-green color. Case and puff have more green color, and a remarkable change is New Dot – this little orange button makes a cushion puff stay in place. No more dropping or losing an applicator.

  1. Changes in Shades
    More Neutral and less shade options, this part may give pros and cons. 17N color is replaced to 17C1(reduced yellow tone) and 23C shade has been removed – I guess this change embraced with consumer’s demand, cool undertone appears in a more pale/fair skin so not much need of warmth likewise medium (darker skin) color skin, no need coolish pink/blue tone so focused on most common, for a better result.

The new formula is a little more toned down and neutral – I have tried a 23N1 shade so the other colors may differ, however it sets perfectly to my skin tone compared to the previous version which has a slightly lighter shade and left a little gap between face and neck.

(new color 23N1 is slightly darker and bit yellow-ish tone which make more natural to me)


For me, the product is upgraded for better. The weightless formula applies evenly and blends well with a small amount, and stays long without darkening. My skin feels comfortable yet not too dry while delivering semi-matte/matte finish – I do prep skin well hydrated and don’t like complete matte so the result may differ depending on your skin condition.
What I like the most is that it makes my skin look natural with a subtle glow, and sets perfectly on my skin tone (No.23), and clearly transfer-less formula compared to other brand products.

(doesn’t come out to the mask yet a bit of stain on the phone screen)

It is very much worth trying (even with the slight price increase) if you’re looking for ‘Light Fit, Light On’ cushion foundation.

Thanks for reading~

🔎For mature skin: Laneige Neo Cushion also sits on deep wrinkles such as smile line if you don’t control the amount well, so apply the puff sweep down along the skin texture rather than dabbing motion, also use the puff almost in the end when the content is completely out – just like a last touch.

🔎Cool skin tone: Overall shade seems to become more neutral so if you have pale, pink/blue-ish cool tone may require to check the review or test the product before purchasing.


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