2020 Best Sunscreens By Director Pi (Part II)

Even though you're a fan of mineral(physical) sunscreens, or a person who cannot tolerate of white cast or dryness and hard application from mineral sunscreens, then here are some products you need to check. Their formulas get developed with safer ingredients so that minimizes skin irritation and discomfort. Just a reminder, chemical sunscreens need time... Continue Reading →

2020 Best Sunscreens By Director Pi

I've been waiting for this post from Director Pi as new-released sunscreens were on my mind, although I still have lots of unfinished sunscreens however new products are always tempting, refreshing to me - not a good habit though^^; ☀️2020 Sunscreen Trends Reef-safe FormulaYou may already know that sunscreen contributes to coral bleaching and harms... Continue Reading →

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