IOPE UV Shield Skin Energy Sun Review

One of my long-time used sunscreen is 'IOPE UV Shield EX(Now XP, renewal version)' - still use it depends on my skincare products, sometimes too well-hydrated sometimes bit dry so I select among my 4 sunscreens(^^;;) according to my daily skin condition as well as demanding makeup look. Early this year, IOPE released new Retinol... Continue Reading →

Best Sunscreens for baby and pregnancy (Part 2)

< 2019 Sunscreen Trend > Physical sunscreen Especially babies and kids, go for a physical(mineral) sunscreen also trending mixed formula (chemical & physical) for adults.Multi-functional sunscreen Blocks fine dust, and anti-pollution functional products have been released a lot, however need to consider appropriate SPF(effectiveness), your skin type, eye irritation and long-lasting effect mainly.Sunscreen division Has... Continue Reading →

Best Sunscreens for baby and pregnancy (Part 1)

There are lots of new sunscreens on the market especially this year (seems like), and quite confusing and hard to choose which sunscreen is the best for my skin. Luckily Director Pi (cosmetics ingredients analyst and more) posted 4 big topics on her Youtube and blog, narrowing down sunscreens by formulas, ingredients and function etc,..... Continue Reading →

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