HERA Mist Cushion Nude Amber & Cushion Compatibility

Yes.. It’s an another cushion article, however you may be pleased as I have found some interesting facts …………… Around the time IOPE started renewing Air Cushion’s formula & design, other brands (HERA & Laneige) of Amore Pacific also were planning their own new projects. At this time all the refills were compatible however as […]

Sidmool’s Most Popular Item “EGF Ampoule” with Roller

“A drop a day, doctor goes away?” Well.. I guess it could be true. A proper daily serum can make you less visit to skin clinic. A serum – concentrated skin treatment which delivers active factors such as brightening, anti-aging, reparing etc, faster than other skincare products to achieve more younger, healthier skin. (More information […]

My First Cushion – ISAKNOX Cell Renew Cushion Review

Since ISANOX (One of big LG Cosmetic Brands)started big sales in Korea, I have been really excited to try them out as one of my favourite actresses ‘Lee Min Jung’ is the face of the brand. Currently I’m using ‘Chosungah22 Bounce Pact Original(No.2)’ that is almost running out so I tried this ‘Cell Renew Cushion(No.23) […]