2020 New Cushion Foundations Quick Review

Before moving on ‘Skip-care’ post, I’d like to share some information about 2020 New Cushion Foundations in Korea – there are so many but I have picked some which you may be interested in, like me 😅

It seems that this year makeup(cushion) trends go to ‘semi-matte’ than dewy look which looks more natural, not too oily look, and I have 5 new cushion foundations here – compared main features with color comparison (No.23 shade only).

  1. No Mercy Fixing Cover Fit Cushion Velvet ( ₩29,000 korean won)

Ma:nyo (Factory) and makeup artist Hong Hyun Jung’s collaboration product that is blended with deep sea water instead of water to balance, hydrate and prevent darkening. It delivers medium to high coverage and velvety yet radiant-looking finish (semi-matte).

Small amount covers most areas of your face, and is available in 2 shades No.21 (Liverty) and No.23 (Earth). No.21 has netural+pink tone base for more radiant look and No.23 has warm tone (yellow base) to prevent darkening.
Have compared with Laneige Neo Cushion Matte and this No.23 is more yellow base compare to Laneige, once applied slightly brighter than Laneige Neo (N23), however it really makes your skin looks good even though warm-yellow tone base.

(hologram package, don’t forget the removal of the film on the cushion pact)

2. rom&nd Clear Cover Cushion ( ₩25,000)

A lightweight, semi-glow cushion foundation that delivers buildable coverage and creates radiant-looking complexion. It builds up skin glow by layering – dap gently until desired, and this cushion is great for covering the look of pores.

Available in 3 shades No.21 (Pure & Natural – pink & neutral tone respectively) and No.23 (Beige – yellow tone), and it has a different package design on each shade . Blended with Bamboo Water to hydrate and soothe skin.

3. CLIO Kill Cover Fixer Cushion (₩32,000)

Most of CLIO cushions deliver medium to high coverage, and this Fixer Cushion also provides high coverage – slightly less compared to original Kill Cover Cushion which I prefer, and semi-matte finish. It adheres closely to the skin and feels comfortable & not dry, as the product infused with green tea, apple mint & thyme leaves extracts.

The package is slimmer than other Kill Cover Cushion series so there is no compatibility – only compatible with new CICA Serum Cushion. Velvety cushion cases easily get dirty so be aware to avoid touching other makeup products or dirty hands. 😩

4.Jung Saem Mool Master Class Cushion ( ₩53,000 & comes with a refill)

A silky texture with hydrating formula that creates a dewy, radiant look. Combines makeup artist Jung Saem Mool’s 30 yrs know-how and Mool Ampoule enriched formula creates dewy, hydrated-looking skin.

Master Class Y-4 Sand (No.23)
Jung Saem Mool Skin Nuder Cushion (No.23 Medium)

Unlike Skin Nuder Cushion which has 7 color options, this product is available in 3 shades (N1 Ivory, N2 Vanilla & Y4 Sand).
Compared with Skin Nuder #Medium (No.22~23), and color & finish are quite similar. The color is bit tone-down No.23 compared to other brands standard so if you prefer more tone-down (no barrier between face & neck) look go for this.

Not compatible with Skin Nuder cushion, and this Master Class has a slightly better coverage.

Cushion puff has better shape and texture than Skin Nuder Cushion, and don’t forget to use Mix & Touch Palette on the cushion lid – it will perfectly adjust the amount for you.

5. Missha The Cushion Matte ( ₩13,000)

Mask-proof formula with lightweight texture cushion that delivers semi-matte finish. Surprisingly this cushion provides non-drying, natural-looking semi-matte finish with natural radiance. The formula is probably best for combination to dehydrated oily skin – that’s what I felt, and it also suits my skin (dry combination: dry skin with oily T-zone).

It has a bit of darkening like ‘Cho Bo Yang BB Cream’ – grayish tone, however color is better than Jung Saem Mool’s Mater/Skin Nuder cushion (doesn’t have darkening, just slightly darker than Missha) once applied. – this is for personal reasons as our skin tone varies.

Available in 3 shades No.21(Vanilla), No.22 (Beige) and No.23 (Sand) and Missha Green Gentle Formula™ helps skin comfortable, especially stressed skin. Features this cushion has a unique system, changing a refill – the whole bottom part is changeable, not inserted into a case.

*Bit disappointed the case – cheap plastic look, no offence 😂 however velvety matte case with light purple tells what it delivers.

♦️ Conclusion

Although both CLIO Kill Cover Fixer and MISSHA The Cushion Matte come off a bit on my mask(clearly less than other cushions), I really enjoyed all above these new cushions.

Choice of colors, rom&nd is close to standard color shade (just reminder, I am No.23 user) and CLIO & No Mercy is bit yellow tone, and Jung Saem Mool & Missha are bit darker(tone-down).

CLIO & No mercy coverage are better than others (I can say No Mercy is slightly better), and rom&nd & Missha is more natural(not too thick/cakey). If you want to non-drying dewy, go for Jung Saem Mool and look for semi-matte with coverage – CLIO Fixer or No Mercy, and lastly semi-glow look, rom&nd is waiting for you.

MISSHA The Cushion Matte is worth trying at their RRP.

From the left to the right, No Mercy, Rom&nd, CLIO, Jung Saem Mool(skin nuder) & Missha

Once applied MISSHA is slightly brighter than Jung Saem Mool Skin Nuder/Master, and No Mercy & CLIO Fixer are similar yellow-beige skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see at next post, continuing M.A.S.K(keyword) Skip-care.

Thanks for reading~

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