2020 Beauty keyword M.A.S.K – A (Anti-Trouble)

Summer is here, more hot and humid days are coming - how to prevent and treat 'maskne' (acne breakouts caused by wearing a face mask) during this season? We have set the first step (Mild Cleansing), protecting the skin barrier while cleansing, and then what's next? Read on to learn about Anti-Trouble steps. 😷Types of... Continue Reading →

2020 Beauty Keyword (M.A.S.K)

Due to COVID-19, lots of changes in the beauty industry and beauty trends have emerged, especially to self-care, minimal skincare and mask makeup, which reduced in color makeup and also meaning of smudge-free makeup.The restriction of going to spas and salons increased online shopping for cosmetics & exercising equipment, and significantly increased purchasing of soothing,... Continue Reading →

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