2020 Best Korean Sunscreen(s)

Here is Director Pi’s ‘Top Of Top’ list, which she picked as ‘The Best’ item by skin type.
If your sunscreens are not working well with your skin, you probably should consider if the product is suitable for your skin type or contains any irritants that can cause skin irritations.

< Top Of Top 2020 Korean Sunscreens >

  1. Best Physical sunscreen for All family members (including baby & pregnant women)
    < Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun Lotion SPF50+/PA++++ >
• Physical, Non-nano sunscreen with silicone oil
• Lotion type, hydrating formula with semi-tone up
• Ideal for sensitive dehydrated-oily & combination skin types

*Just reminder what the icons mean and higher bar(full color) scores 5 of 5, decrease color means very poor

  1. Best Physical sunscreen for Acne-prone skin
    < The Beautiful Factr. Zero Pollution Barrier Sun SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Physical (Zinc & Titanium) sunscreen with silicone oil
• Semi-tone up, Contains PHA ingredient & Bergamot Oil
• Ideal for combination, dehydrated oily & acne-prone skin

3. Best Physical sunscreen for Combination skin & Tone Up
< Innisfree Truecare Non-nano Sunscreen SPF48/PA+++ >

• Physical (Titanium Dioxide) sunscreen with silicone oil
• Tone up effect that is ideal for ‘No Makeup’ makeup look
• Semi-matte finish & Suitable for sensitive skin, including pregnant women

4. Best Physical sunscreen for Sensitive Oily Skin
< Dewytree Urban Shade Anti-pollution Sun SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Physical (Zinc & Titanium) sunscreen with silicone oils
• Semi-tone up with calamine, Semi-matte finish
• Water-proof & Sweat-proof formula

5. Best Chemical Sunscreen for Dehydrated Oily skin
< Round Lab Birch Juice Moisture Suncream SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Chemical sunscreen without silicone oil
• Hydration formula yet balances water/oil level
• Water-proof, cooling effect

6. Best Chemical sunscreen for Oily Skin
< SCINIC Enjoy Mild Sun Essence EX SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Chemical sunscreen without silicone oil
• Sweat-proof, Water-proof and Cooling effect that protects skin against heat
• Contains Niacinamide, and natural BHA & ethanol to control sebum

7. Best Chemical sunscreen for Dry skin
< Lanbelle Natural Fresh Suncream ‘I’m Fresh’ SPF50+ PA++++ >

• Chemical sunscreen without silicone oil
• Reef-safe formula with water-proof, contains Niacinamide
• Great for under makeup, Ideal for dry & very dry skin

8. Best Sunscreen for Under Makeup
< Dr.Jart+ Solarbiome™ Ampoule SPF50/PA++++ >

• Mixed formula non-nano sunscreen(Titanium) without silicone oil
• Semi-matte finish, water-drop formula with water-proof
• Recommend for non-sensitive and combination skin

9. Best Physical sunscreen for Face & Body (Dry Skin)
< RoundAround Green Tea Cica Sun Lotion SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Non-nano physical sunscreen with silicone oil
• Lotion type, hydrating formula with semi tone up
• Cost-effective, Ideal for dry & dehydrated oily skin

10. Best Physical Sunscreen for Face & Body (Oily Skin)
< Charmzone Family Sun Fluid SPF50+/PA++++ >

• Physical sunscreen with silicone oils
• The most cost-effective, Watery lotion type with water-proof
• Contains high amount of ethanol that suitable for oily skin, and also back-acne


Physical(mineral) sunscreens generally the better, healthier option for long-time use, even though it takes longer to rub into your skin and leave white cast or dryness. However, at least Korean Sunscreen category, advanced formulas(different active ingredients along with different forms) in Chemical sunscreens also take care of your skin, no more damage for your skin and protect our environment. Furthermore lots of renewals in popular sunscreens and totally new ones have many benefits for your skin, so I say you should try any types of sunscreens that you will actually use in your daily routine.

Have relisted this Director Pi’s blog post, summarising for easy pick sunscreens that are perfect for your skin. Hope you find the best one.

Any questions, please drop here.
(Article source from Director Pi’s Blog post)

Thanks for reading~

ps. If you’re looking for good sunscreens layering underneath your makeup, here some recommend products.

  1. Physical, Good for under makeup
    • Innisfree Daily Mild Sunscreen
    • Missha Cicadin Centella Rescue Sun Lotion
    • Rovectin Aqua Soothing UV Protector
    • Dear Dahlia Moisture Sun Lotion
  2. Chemical, Good for under makeup
    • Lanbelle Soothing Fresh Suncream
    • AMPLE:N Hyaluron Shot Ampoule Suncare
    • Espoir New Water Splash Sun (Mixed formula)

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