Toner Pad VS Peeling Pad?

If you are not familiar with the name ‘Toner Pad’, here is the simple explanation – Toner-soaked in-(cotton)Pad, which combines applicator and facial toner for convenient use in busy mornings and helps remove debris on the skin surface after cleansing. There are various options with different purposes in this ‘Toner Pad’ section so let’s have a look.

💎Benefits of Toner Pad

It cleanses, clarifies, and conditions your skin in one simple swipe. Most Korean “Toner Pads” are for ‘(skin)Toning’, using cotton pads to apply your toner to effectively remove makeup residue and dead skin cells on the surface while hydrating.

However if you have sensitive skin, this toning step can irritate your skin by swiping=stimulating so apply with your hands to minimize contact to your skin.

💎What type of Toner Pads are available?

Similar names and almost look the same, but there are some differences. Some toner pads contain AHA, BHA or PHA which are acids, exfoliating properties and others are delivering facial toner benefits such as soothing & hydrating with refining skin surface.

1. Peeling Pads
These are formulated with pore-refining and oil-reducing ingredients such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) to allow for easier exfoliation.

  • Medicube Zero Pore Pad (Contains AHA & BHA)
  • Dermatory Pro Trouble Pore Pad (new released, Contains BHA, Soothing benefit)
  • Ariul Daily Pick Peeling Pad
  • Neogen Gauze Peeling Pad (Wine, Lemon & Green Tea)
  • Cellimax Heartleaf BHA Peeling Pad etc,.

These are easily distinguished with other toning pads as described on the packaging. However, below toner pads contain AHA/BHA which help to clear out excess debris and skin cells, making it especially effective in the acne treatment.

  • Cosrx Moisture Up Pad (contains BHA, Betaine salicylate)
: Gentle exfoliation, Helps strengthen the skin barrier & Ideal for dry/acne prone skin

Bring Green Carrot Vita Toner Pad (Contains Willow Bark Extract, salicin – from which salicylic acid is derived)

Contains BHA, PHA & Carrot Extract which is beneficial for acne-treatment
  • Round Lab Dokdo Pad (contains Sugar Cane Extract, an association with AHAs, and PHA)

2. Toner Pads (Hydrating)

  • The Lab By Blanc Doux 7 Multi-Formula Pad
  • Torriden Dive-In Multi Pad
: Thin material like sheet mask, excellent adherence & Ideal for skin pack
  • Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad
:Contains Niacinamide (not suitable for sensitive skin) to help brighten skin while gently removes dead skin cells

3. Toner Pads (Soothing)

  • Isntree Mugwort Toner Pads
:Gauze texture with excellent adherence, Ideal for skin refining & soothing pack
  • Dermatory Azulene Cica Rescue Pad
: Excellent Soothing & Moisturizing with Guaiazulene & Centella Asitica, Small size more suitable for skin pack, yet unique gauze side is beneficial for skin refining
  • Missha Artemisia Calming Point Mask
: Large size with unique sponge material (tank-pad) delivers actives effectively to the skin, Ideal for skin pack
Tank Pad (image credit: Missha Official site)


If you’re using AHA/BHA/PHA containing toner pad, may consider to use every second day or use partially such as nose & chin area, and do not over exfoliate your skin – it removes your skin’s natural oils, disturbing balance of skin and damage the protective barrier which can lead to cracked skin, easily irritated and cause pimples.

Some people skip this toning step, however I strongly disagree. Proper use of toner balances water/oil level, improves skin hydration and boosts the absorption of skincare products, allowing serums to activate. Another my thought is using the toning step before applying sheet mask better as it helps active ingredients in mask essence penetrate deep into the skin by refining skin surface – ‘prepping’, also adding to the hydration level. Remember less is better, you can always add more if needed!

Thanks for reading~

*This article idea from Director Pi post and edited by simplyji using my experience with products recommended.

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