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Have you heard about Skinimalism (Skin + Minimalism)? It’s similar to ‘skipcare’ however is a more advanced version. If you search this, one of this year ‘2023 Beauty Trends – Skinimalism’ (continued on this year) on google:

  • The idea of pairing down your skincare routine without sacrificing benefits
  • A philosophy of skincare that adopts a minimal approach by letting your skin shine through
  • All about simplifying your skincare and makeup routines to allow your natural skin to take center stage

Skinimalism means ‘all above’ and aims to support healthy skin, rescuing your skin from more troubles and revealing real natural skin. Also saving the Earth and your money. Then how to adopt this ‘Less is More’ fad (I think it will continue on for a while) in your daily beauty routine? Skincare options are vary and personal (Ex. exfoliate skin, layering more hydration etc, the solution may differ depending on your skin condition) however we can simplify at least this Canvas Step – between skincare and makeup by using hybrid products to create perfect makeup-ready skin.

🧲Smart Skicare Products

This below versatile skincare products will be the quickest & easiest way. Gently cleanse your face and hydrate with toner or essence, can add serum if your skin feels dehydrated, then:

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte’s Magic Cream
    Originally created backstage to instantly prep and transform the look of models’ skin before fashion shows. It is infused with 8 types of oils to flood your complexion with moisture, and transform the appearance of tired, dull skin for a glowing, dewy, plumper looking canvas
    (key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, bionymph peptide complex).

(Contains Shea Butter that can increase oil production and breakouts, and Citric Acid can cause skin irritation – may not be suitable for oily & very sensitive skin)

  1. Gesgep Bare Cream
    Korean makeup artist duo Son Dae Sik & Park Tae Yun (aka Son & Park)’s second brand ‘gesgep’. This skin hydrating moisturizer/primer instantly makes skin smooth and gives intense hydration.
    The Patented MLR® (Multi Lamellar Emulsion) formula, which is used in Real Barrier Extreme Cream (one of best super-hydrating cream in Korea), strengthens weakened skin barrier for a supple, healthier-looking skin. It helps makeup stay smooth so it won’t crease or flake.
    (key ingredients: Ceramide NP, phytosterols)

gesgep Bare Cream

A skin hydrating moisturizer/primer that instantly makes skin smooth and gives intense hydration. Enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture by hydrating the skin and protects the moisture barrier. (80g) *How to use: As the last step of your skin care routine, scoop a small amount and spread evenly to your face. Gently tab until fully absorbed. (Please note that this item includes a shipping fee. Shipping may take 5~10 days)


  1. Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cream
    A concentrated-essence type, watery cream that moisturizes skin, smooth makeup application and helps extend the wear of makeup. Water-Light Fixer formula, containing the transparency of watery glow and moisture in drop keeps skin moisturized for a long time and supports skin barrier function. Tightly wrap around the skin for a dewy glow.
    (key ingredients: Squalane, Niacinamide, Panthenol & Adenosine)

(Contains Shea Butter can cause breakout and Alcohol can evaporate moisture).

< Qquick Comparison >

Harmful IngredientsPEGs, Phenoxyethanolartificial fragrance and Phenoxyethanol
AllergensLinalool, Citronellol, GeraniolCitral, Linalool, Limonene
BenefitsHelps reduce the look of fine linesWhitening,
Price₩87,000 (KRW)₩38,000 (KRW)₩35,000 (KRW)

(Bare Cream leaves a residue that can be prevented by controlling the amount of product, and Magic Cream gives more glow as if coated thinly on the skin)

🧲Adds Effective Makeup Base or Primer

  1. YUNJAC Skin Perfecting Protective Base Prep
    Watery essence type primer that smooths skin texture and preps skin for foundation application that adheres to the skin closely. This lightweight, skin-prepping base allows for minimization of the skincare routine while refining skin texture and forms a protective layer to shield skin from external irritants.

YUNJAC Skin Perfecting Protective Base Prep

A complexion-perfecting serum that preps skin for makeup application and gives healthy glow to the skin. This skin-prepping base allows for minimization of the skincare routine while refining skin texture and and ensures makeup last. (40ml) *How to use: Use after skincare and before makeup. Pump desired amount and gently apply, starting from the center of the face and working outwards for absorption. (Please note that this item includes a shipping fee. Shipping may take 5~10 days)


  1. Banila Co Prime Primer Sun Base
    Lightweight makeup boosting sunscreen that instantly smooths & evens skin texture. Water-based formula delivers a long-lasting makeup effect with cooling sensation, while providing powerful UVA/B protection with SPF50+/PA++++. This multi-functional product does the job as a primer and sunscreen at the same time.

🧲Use Sunscreen with additional benefits

  1. Makep:rem UV Defense Me Calming Tone Up Sun Cream
    A vegan, non-nano sunscreen that thoroughly blocks UVA /UVB rays while improving skin texture and brightening complexion. This low-irritant, reef-friendly sunscreen also provides soothing & calming benefits to the skin. What I like this about, the pinky color is just perfect for the medium skin tone (No.22 ~ No.23 standard Beige shade), if you have a pale or bright Ivory skin tone, I may recommend to use ‘AboutMe Be Clean Tone Up Sun’ which has a slightly bright pink tone, enhancing your skin’s natural radiance.
  1. Beplain Sunmuse Tone Up & Correcting Sunscreen
    Mixed formula sunscreen with color-correcting benefits. Purple color neutralizes yellow skin tone without darkening (good for both cool & warm tone) and brightens overall complexion for more radiant skin. Upcycling beauty product that is made with ugly(?) shape of carrots🥕.

🧲Instant Skin Hydration Boosting Pack

There is nothing better than well-hydrated skin for makeup. It makes skin smoother without dry patches and tends to make makeup last longer.

  1. MIXSOON Soybean Milk Pad
    Low-irritant, essence-enriched pad that delivers instant hydration & nutrition to the skin. Ceramide NP, hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica extract help retain moisture and support the skin barrier. Suitable for sensitive skin and comfort skin.
  1. Surepi Get-Leaf Twin Pad
    As known as 3-minutes boosting pad, this pad holds abundant skincare essence, delivering actives quickly and effectively to the skin, and stretchable material with excellent adherence good for busy mornings while moving such as drying your hair or eating breakfast.
  1. Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Pad
    This pH-balanced, 3-layered yet thin moisturizing pad instantly replenishes skin with moisture and provides soothing benefits.


Well prepped skin means well balanced skin – not too dry yet not too oily. Generous amounts of skincare product also can disturb your makeup application as well as sunscreen so do not over apply, if needed, layer on the concerned area only.
Plus, allow the product to absorb into the skin, this simple rule can be missed easily however this will make your skin bind beautifully with your following makeup so let the product sink in.

Using hybrid, multi-purpose products can be beneficial in simplifying your beauty routine and the results are just as good as an extensive 7/10 step regimen. Hope you can find your hero product that can deliver not only your skin needs but save your precious time+money🤑

Added 2 videos in this post: one is using a gesgep Bare Cream and the other one is…just watching it will tell you😋

(Apply a small amount of gesgep Bare Cream and mix with 1~2% Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular) to add more hydration, it actually increase absorption too)

Thanks for reading!

(some article quoted from Google and video original source from @ Hyojin Cho & @ hoonion + the main img source from Banila Co official site)


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