Mask Friendly Makeup (#Foundation)

Again..late post😖 Have been working on a new site where you can purchase the products that are mentioned in this blog site – hope to have & introduce more products that you may interest (the site should be available later this month😉).

🙆🏻‍♂️ Transfer-proof Formula Foundation

None-of-products can prevent 100% transfer to your face mask with long-hours wearing, however there are some products that help lessen transferring, and maintain a fresh look till you finish your work. Have tried a few products which are popular in Korea myself and quite happy about the result.

1.Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation

Blue colored logo and it has anti-wrinkle benefits. Weightless formula that applies seamlessly and #1.5 shade is the most popular color in Korea – it is called must-have item which makes your skin look pretty. Just letting you know that Koreans are keen on ‘Ivory Color’ (makeup products) for some reason, and this foundation has a perfect Ivory color – one of famous makeup artist says that it will make your skin gorgeous & fancy no matter what your skin tone is, so I have purchased^^; however it’s not my color for my #22~23 undertone, making my face really pale & look sick. 💸 – recommend for #2 or #4 shade for No.23 user if you wish to create a more radiant look.

: semi-matte, slightly appears darkening, however feels very comfortable and delivers a gorgeous natural glow. Features containing Prussian Blue Pearl pigment that helps neutralize yellow-tone & redness. (ideal for combination to dehydrated oily skin)

2. HERA Glow Lasting Foundation

One of my favorite foundations, delivering semi-matte finish and color(23N1) is very close to my skin tone. Loved HERA Black Cushion, however prefer this glow foundation rather than HERA Black Foundation as I have dry/combination(T-zone) skin.

The texture is between weightless fluid and creamy, semi-fluid. Helps keep skin hydrated inside, and fresh finish outside. Looks pinkish however once applied it sets well with my skintone.

3. Sulwahsoo Perfecting Foundation

This renewal version has become quite popular, medium coverage yet applies thin & seamlessly. Color is slightly darker than other #23 standard shade so #21 is also suits me, result may differ depending on my skin condition and product combination with primer & sunscreen. If you want to create a more radiant look, rather than express calm/natural tone go for the #21N1 color – provides whitening & anti-wrinkle benefits.

Has slight darkening, and sets quickly on the skin due to lightweight formula so use with flat foundation brush and finish with dabbing – perfect match with Picasso FB17 brush or HwaHong brush.

4. Jung Saem Mool Skin Nuder Foundation

Lightweight formula with medium coverage, blurring pores well. Quite clean ingredients compared to other brands, however it transfers more than others – need a proper setting over the foundation. Great duo with Jung Saem Mool Cushion(s), makes skin naturally glow and feel comfortable.

Cushion shade No.23 is slightly darker than my skin tone, so I bought this #21 Light shade, it suits me. The product comes with a mini puff applicator and it goes well with foundation

5. eSpoir Pro Tailor Foundation Be Glow

Hydrating formula that is recommended for Dry skin type with buildable to medium coverage, great for expressing natural dewy-looking glow. Compared to HERA Glow Foundation, this one has more hydrating (close to semi-matte) finish and HERA Glow Foundation delivers transparent, glass-like glow. My shade is No.23 so I recommend for matching your skin tone. (No.23 user = No.23 Beige, if want a tone-down finish go for #23.5 Buff)

10 various shades are available and perfect match with same brand products eSpoir sun, primer or cushion. Whitening & anti-wrinkle benefits (Couldn’t find a bottle^^; and this is a mini size which you can also purchase).

6. Laneige Neo Foundation Matte

Has a minimum transfer to the mask compared to other products. Semi-fluid (between liquid and creamy texture, more thicker than HERA Glow Foundation) formula yet applied thinly and blends well. 23N1 is slightly darker than I expected (Cushion color 23N1 is similar, however once applied on the skin this foundation has a more yellow with 0.5+ tone down color), and delivers semi-matte+ (plus) with long-lasting effect.

Features magnetic cap and this cap can be used as a brush holder. Comfortable wearing and doesn’t dry out my skin. May suit one tone lighter color than Neo Cushion color – my ideal shade will be 21N1, however the result may differ in combination with base product (EX. using tone up cream/sunscreen under foundation, will be okay with 23N1 shade too).

Compared with Laneige Neo Cushion and both colors look similar, however Neo Foundation has a slightly pinky tone so may occur a half-tone down color(oxidation color-ish) look when you apply it to your skin. BTW Neo Cushion 21N1 color is too bright for me.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Conclusion

Choosing a foundation, you need to consider your skin’s undertone prior to, then think about your skin type, coverage and the finishing result. Foundation oxidizes with wear so when you choose a color, I recommend a slightly lighter color than your skin tone.

A long-lasting and matte formulation stay last than hydrating formula, and deliver more coverage and minimise transfer, however if have dry/very dry skin, no doubt to go for a hydrating foundation.

I’d like to show more details about Laneige Neo Foundation, adding 1 more of ‘Hot Now’ Items in Korea so see you in the next post.

Thanks for reading~


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