I was so into a nude-tone, natural-looking matte makeup for a while, using only foundation and bit of powder, however feel like something missing such as dewy-looking, or subtle radiance that makes me look younger or as if I have good skin^^;

I have been enjoying this FP (Foundation & Powder) Duo makeup (I may post about Foundations & Powders for mask makeup), but I realized that I am a still huge fan of Cushion so back to Cushion Foundations 😅- Nars, Dior, YSL, Two Faced etc,. so many makeup brands, pretty much all make a Cushion Foundation product and some of them launched in Korea first so still Cushion Foundations are positively growing in popularity.

And here I’d like to give some information about IOPE’s 5th generation ‘IOPE New Air Cushion®‘ – still in the same name, just formula upgraded.

🌠Main Features

  1. Product Package
    There is a big change in package compared to previous IOPE Cushions. Button’s gone and now in a simple magnetic case like a HERA Glow Cushion, and there is no sticker on the back of the case so you can only see on the refill what shade it is.

Another big figure is, like a Laneige Neo Cushion, the refill is ‘Twist & Lock’ (One-touch Spinning Method) so can easily replace a refill and also the left hand can use conveniently – you can open the refill cap from the left.

*Overall IOPE Air Cushion is slightly bigger & thicker than previous version and Laneige Neo Cushion, and it looks more modern and details upgraded to fit the current living environment.

🌠The Formula

‘Air Technology’ of Air Cushion: Air-Light™, Air Cover & Air Skin
• Air-Light™: Super-light innovate form with high air permeability makes skin feel comfortable that lasts long as if a layer of air has been placed
• Thin and delicate ‘Air-cover’: A specialized process that makes finer and uniform particles adhering thinly onto skin to cover the skin texture densely
• Air Skin: Microbiome technology has been applied to soothe, balance and protect irritated skin, and a super-adhesive film former provides smudge less makeup

Unlike other brands, this upgrade formula allows skin to breathe. 👍

🌠 Types

< Air Cushion Cover >
Air Cushion Cover expresses gorgeous skin for a long time with dense coverage that adheres closely to the skin. It delivers fresh matte finish without darkening, and super-adhesive form makes smudge-less

< Air Cushion Natural >
Air Cushion Natural provides natural correction and clear gloss with a dense and thin form. It adds instant vitality to the skin with a moisturizing texture, and keeps the oil-water balance for 12 hours.

Both are Whitening functional, and UV blocking cosmetic that protect skin against UV rays with SPF50+/PA+++

Beige & Light Grey color case, and each puff has different formulas/material so that deliver their own effect.

Natural has slightly moisturizing effect, dewy-looking finish, and Cover has a semi-matte finish, and Cover has more transfer-proof formula(less stain) on face mask compared to Natural.

🌠Shades & Coverage

• Comes in 6 shades : 13N, 17N, 21C, 21N,23N, 23W

image source from IOPE official site
*This image looks more real color when you can see it in the product so I have put it here. image credit to ‘쏭이의 뷰티로그(marcella0401)’

• Coverage

(Surprisingly Natural has a good, buildable coverage, and Cover has better coverage compared to Natural despite this image shown^^;)

🌠Color Comparison

I have compared with Laneige Neo and HERA Glow Lasting Cushion – looks very similar so stick to the same shade if you’re using any of these Amore Pacific brands Cushions.

🌠My Thought

This IOPE New Air Cushion® is definitely worth to try, it purely delivers flawless, radiant looking skin and soooo comfortable to wear^^; This weightless formula applies on skin without feeling that I put on makeup even though it’s in trend now, and creates my skin looks even and glow.

Although it doesn’t cover my wide pores & deep wrinkles perfectly – I admit that none of cushion foundation make a perfection, if does it looks cakey or disappear/ melts away with buildup oils, this cushion provides high(better) coverage and natural yet radiant-looking finish, and also my skin doesn’t feel tight.

Not perfect for wide pores on my cheek but excellent for blurring pores around nose 💋 darkening 👏

One more thing to add, as a Cushion Formula you may follow with powder to prevent staining on your face mask. Just remember that when you apply a powder, gently dab rather than sweep down – it makes the powder apply less and more evenly on the skin.

Plus..after applying cushion foundation, gently press the puff on the clean tissue to remove excess/residue 🤭

Thanks for reading~


2 thoughts on “IOPE NEW AIR CUSHION® Review

Add yours

  1. Hi, I’m new to this cushion foundation world. I’m super into Korean skincare and just wanted to recently implement cushion foundation. I have naturally clear drier skin with t zone being oily. For foundation I. Use the ilia foundation which is a clean skincare. I’m looking for the best cushion foundation that is recommended! Please let me know!


    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting. If totally new to Cushion Foundation, I may suggest any of ‘Good/Luxury’ brands’ cushion for your first trial same as foundation – blends well and result is better – Laneige & CLIO is also good for start with.
      For dry skin, spend more time on skincare for well-prepped canvas then sunscreen & primer for T-zone (not essential). This should be ready for the cushion – no need for a foundation if have clear skin like you.
      Let me know if have any further questions.
      (ps. Good/Luxury means as it says – global/Korean luxury brands. Ex. YSL, Amorepacific, OHUI, HERA etc,.)


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