2019 Best Tone Up Cream(s)

As the weather gets colder, I feel & see more dullness on my face. Not only getting too little sunshine, my skin doesn’t function well (I know my age though>.<).
So I have started using a Beauty Device which was bought many years ago as a ‘wake-up call’ for my skin – will post about Galvanic Device soon, but here will give you quick SOS tips how to make your skin revitalized & glowing instantly with 2019 Best Tone Up Creams.

< Definition >

Tone-Up Cream, although this word is not used in Western beauty products, it is a very popular in the Korean beauty industry and a great alternative for those who want to achieve brighter and more even, radiant complexion instantly. This multi-functional product performs as a primer, sunscreen, skincare and tone-corrector.

< New Trend >

In the past, very bright & white skin was trending as it named tone UP cream it delivers effectiveness, however now soft-pink hue is the key to brightening dull complexion and balance warm, yellow-toned skin, while enhancing natural skin radiance.

*Check out the ingredients to make pink tone:

  1. Calamine, which uses as a medication to treat itchiness and prevent infection, this pigment is used for pink tone-up cream.
  2. Cyanocobalamin – a manufactured form of vitamin B₁₂ used to treat vitamin B12 deficiency
  3. Iron Oxide Red (CI 77491) – non-toxic, used in color-pigment makeup(shadows, blushes & lipsticks) and body painting

< Advanced Formula >

As more consumption and satisfaction of customers is needed, the formula has developed. These are some examples:

  1. Multi Tone Up Cream
    Most of tone up creams are bit dry textured in the past yet still (I guess this caused of combinations of ingredients), new formula is more hydrating and makes your skin even, smooth textured (Koreans called ‘Gyoel’), delivering luxurious radiance & glowness (‘Gwang’) as if you have naturally good skin.

2. Dual textured tone up cream
It consists of tone up cream and (hydrating) gel cream in one container. You may have seen in Innisfree New product range ‘Blossom Tone Up Cream’ and ‘Blossom Jelly Cream’, also sold as a duo cream pack – this is the perfect example to assist tone-up cream’s dryness (well it’s my thought^^;;).

< 2019 Get It Beauty TOP 3 >

Just reminding that 2019 new Get It Beauty show has selected & filtered from SNS/Global Hot Items, Korean’s TOP 3 Community ranked products and renewal version of Best selling items.
These products are proven top 3 best tone up effect (in winning order):

  1. Beyond Angel Aqua Daily Tone Up Cream
  2. 16 Brand Guroom Tone Up Whitening Lotion
  3. Pittoresko Tone Up Effect Cream

< Additional Product >

Innisfree Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone Up Cream – It is sold and has more than 6,000 reviews so ‘Get It Beauty’ has treated as a ‘Special Item’ (which has good cost-effectiveness and gives psychological benefit like a ‘placebo’) and has instantly improved the skin tone.

< The Best Tone Up Cream >

Get it Beauty show has examined these two winners and ‘Beyond Daily Tone Up Cream’ has a more efficiency of tone up and long-lasting effect.

  1. Beyond Daily Tone Up Cream
    Skin Tone Improvement 5.65%(Winner), Contains Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol & Betaine to help soothe and moisturize skin.
  2. Cosnori Tone Up Cream
    Infused with Lemon Peel Oil & Citrus Pradisi(Grapefruit) Oil, great for invigorating to tired skin. Semi-matte, fresh finish

I have briefly compared 2018 & this years winning tone up cream’s texture and color here:

: They are both white color and smoothly glide on the skin. Cosnori Tone Up Cream is a softer texture, however with a bit strong citrus scent (very fresh, nice smell) so if have a sensitive skin, I recommend a patch test under your arm before using.
The results are very natural and not dry – it may differ if you apply on clean dry skin but this is normally used after basic skin care steps – toner & serum so it doesn’t dry my skin. (I have dry skin, T-zone & forehead is combination).

< Conclusion >

‘Tone Up cream’ is very handy item in a daily routine, especially busy morning or during hot summer, as we can reduce steps for makeup. It helps to achieve even, radiant complexion instantly and provides UV protection, moisturizing and skin brightening function – reducing hyper-pigmentation.
Simply wear it when you go to the gym or beach like me, or under makeup to impart a beautifully luminous, dewy sheen and natural-looking glow – it will do the great job.

Thanks for reading~

This article source from Get It Beauty Show.


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