2018 Get It Beauty Winners – Blackheads Removers

As summer is almost here (not in Australia) ‘Get It Beauty’ show picked a topic ‘Pore Care’ and this post is one of the 2 topics – ‘Blackheads’.
In the summer, hot temperatures increase sebum levels so we do get more blackheads.

*What is Blackhead?

Blackhead(s) as known for ‘open-comedo’ are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles(pores). They are called Black-Head(s) because the surface looks dark or black – actually the excess oil gets stuck inside pores and gets oxidized, this oxidation turns the brown color to black.


*Why is it important to remove blackheads?

Hormones, bacteria, dirt & dead skin can cause pores to block. This is a common cause of acne, and leads even worse reaction such as giant comedone(exceptionally large blackhead), brain damage, etc,.

Have you heard about ‘Danger Triangle of the face’?

It’s a triangle with two corners at both corners of the mouth and one corner in the middle of the nose between the eyes. The way the blood flows to the human nose is special, so it is possible for infections to spread directly to the brain from a cut, scratch or a popped pimple – So it’s important to never squeeze a blackhead on your face because it could lead to vision loss, permanent paralysis or even death.
(One of my bad habits, touching & squeezing pimples will be stopped from now on..)

*How to remove blackheads?

There could be more options but here these 3 methods popular and used mostly in Korea.
1. Pore Strips & Patches
: PVA(Poly Vinly Alcohol) ingredient melts in water to absorb blackheads. That’s why we use some water before nose patches.

2. Using botanical oil or oil-based balm:
Oil dissolves oil. Yes, the oil cleansing method dissolves blackheads.
3. Wash-off Type Masks:
Clay, Charcoal & Bentonite ingredients are mostly used.

*What are those Good-to-go Blackheads removers?

‘Get It Beauty’ filtered all 9 harmful ingredients by their ‘Reduce Body Burden’ pledge and here are the 21 safe products for use.

<TOP 5 Winners>

top5(Have added more features on each product and this is in winning order)

1. Belif Nose-Shine Boy Blackhead Remove Oil Balm

(It has renewed with a Black Edition and we tried to order however it will be available late June as sold out everywhere)

2. 23years Black Paint Rubar

3. The MalGun House Hero Cleansing Bar

4. Salance Blackhead Care Brush

5. Nature Republic Blackhead Clear Nose Pack

*Additional Info.

(some of pictures bit gross so if you’re reading this post while eating or drinking, may get rid of it^^;;)
1. Common myths about blackheads
Some people think Demodex’s debris are blackheads but they are not. ‘Demodex’ mites are a natural part of human microbiome and lives in the oil glands of hair follicles. Except for new born babies(3% of humans) we all have these and they live with us forever by eating sebum. Also they cannot live with oxygen and blocking pores is the best condition for the Demodex.
So let’s do the thing to ‘Remove Blackheads’ regularly unless you want them make healthy & big – they’re bugs T.T

(When your face is itchy, these demodex move to next pore and more frequency make pores larger ..)


2. Nose Patches can make our pores wider?
I’d say No! and two experts from ‘Get It Beauty’ said it doesn’t make our pores bigger, however when you peel-off the patches it may stimulate our skin- lose elasticity so they recommend hold one side of skin and gently peel-off the strip.
Plus.. after care is important – the pores left behind are open & sensitive. Pore refining serum or cold soothing gel may help. ( Luckily most of new products for nose patches come with a tightening-patch)

3. Do not use blackhead extraction tools
When you use these tools, your part of skin also comes out – obvious damage, and it can cause infections, so Do Not use at home, and if needed go to the clinic, as they know how to do it!
– Didn’t attached image details as it’s a bit too much^^;; –

4. Plus.. when you remove blackheads..
Get a towel and soak it in warm water, then place the towel over your nose and let it sit there for a few minutes. This will help the pores open up and will make it easier for you to remove the blackheads.

Article source from Get It Beauty Show and copyright held by ©MySkinCleanser. Also some definitions quoted from Google search.

<Find out more about removing blackheads.. here!>

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  1. Helpful post and interesting products. I usually have an extraction facial once every few months at the salon. Admittedly a little painful (they use the extraction tool) but face feels clean after the redness goes down.

    At home i use the pore cleaning face masks and i feel this works for me.


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