2018 ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners – Concealers

This blog was about ‘Red Lip’ category of Beau-La-Bel, however as there have been lots of message to post the ‘TOP5 Concealer(s)’ we decided to change to a Blog on Concealers – hope you enjoy it.

*What is a Concealer?

Flawless skin’s secret weapon ‘concealer’, is thicker than foundation and mainly hides blemishes, age spots or dark circles as well as helps giving your face 3-dimensional look.
I know there are so many options to choose from for the right all-purpose concealer – really conceals everything, won’t crease into fine lines and makes my under eyes brighter etc,.
If it is poorly formulated or improperly applied, it can draw attention to imperfections – will give information about ‘How to apply the concealer’ later on this post.

*Recommendations with ‘Good Ingredients’?

These 29 items are good-to-go products which ‘Get It Beauty’ teams filtered 8 harmful ingredients, including Antimony.
(Note: These concealers are Liquid & Cream type concealers and contain synthetic colorant as they’re color makeup products).

*TOP 5 lists are..

Have tested each products on tattoo sticker and these are the chosen ones, and you can see that these winners covered almost over 300%..

1. Pony Effect Pro Fit Liquid Concealer – perfect coverage for fine lines & roughness and excellent adherence with a natural-look

2. DHC Moisture Care Concealer EX – best sebum control & coverage with long-lasting effect

3. Bobbi Brown Instant Full-cover Concealer – great for redness cover & excellent adherence

4. The Saem Mineralizing Creamy Concealer – natural-looking & long-lasting

5. Medicube Red Concealer – best for acne-prone skin

* How to choose Concealer?

For the under-eye area – Use peach or orange colour concealer. Dark circles are tend to be blue or gray so apply opposite color to conceal.
For spot/visible imperfections – Choose your skin color or match with your foundation color.
• For more even finish over minor discolorations – a light to medium coverage concealer will do the trick.

<Additional Info.>
• Liquid Concealer – Best for normal, combination, oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin
• Stick or Cream Concealer – Best for normal, dry or sensitive skin

*How to Apply Tips?

These techniques are more general and the results may differ on your skin, however it can help to get optimal results.
• Prep your face and eye area with a light layer of moisturizer – hydrating eye area minimizes the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles
• Using step is personal – you can use a concealer before or after foundation
• Use tools like a brush or sponge, it makes a long-lasting, more even and crease-free result
• Dust on translucent powder over concealer to set the base makeup

<Additional Tip>
• Cover under eye circles – apply the concealer in the shape of an upside down triangle. Draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the
point toward your cheek. Blend the concealer in around the edges – gently pat or dab with fingers or sponge.

• For around lips – to conceal the darkness around the mouth, use a light concealer with a brush then finish with a foundation to match the skin tone.
• For puffiness – to make less noticeable, mix a liquid concealer with bit of highlighter, then dab & blend it

Thanks for reading and see you next blog with ‘Blackhead Remover’
Article sourced from ‘Get It Beauty’ and some information quoted from Google search.

© copyright – held by MySkinCleanser
(originally published on 24th. May 2018)

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