2018 New IOPE Perfect Cover Cushion Review

What’s new in Amore Pacific Cushion Compact? Cushion’s originator Amore Pacific, still foam pads(sponge) type cushion is mainstream and more colours are added in ‘Sulwhasoo & HERA’ – cushion mania’s favourite 2 big brands even though more expensive than others in Korea, however IOPE cushion colour options are still limited (No.13, 21 & 23) and wasn’t really a big change in their formula. I guess Koreans still like IOPE cushions for daily-basis makeup as easy to use and gives natural-looking glow to complexion.

Well, this year? Totally different story, I bet you wouldn’t disappointed in this new concept of IOPE Cover Cushion.
It’s a highly-functional cushion foundation that provides high-coverage, long-lasting with powerful UV protection(SPF50+/PA+++). A creamy texture containing concealer cream gives you high, buildable – almost perfect coverage – as wells as skincare benefits such as whitening, anti-aging and defend UV rays & fine dusts.

*What Does it look like?

1. First of all, there is no more compatibility. 27_f74235f6-46c2-40f6-81dc-93e96b4893f4_icon One of big benefits in Amore Pacific Brands cushions – package compatibility, you could use other brands’ refills or special edition cases into others. This new IOPE Cover Cushion doesn’t allow this, as it is bigger and slimmer, and content is also not a sponge type.

Packaging colour is like matte tone-down blue with ivory skin-color rim on the top cover. Sponge applicator is also bigger than normal IOPE Cushions, and got rid of IOPE’s trade color blue – same as a HERA Black Cushion, New Hanskin Air Slip Cushion etc,..(is that give more matte finish? Hmm…)

2. Colour Comparison with other IOPE Cushions

Perfect Cover cushion is slightly darker than IOPE other cushions, and I have compared with IOPE Intense Cover(No.23) and Lirikos Collagen Cushion (No.23) – can see that slightly pinky-based yellow tone and similar to Lirikos cushion.
(If you felt previous IOPE No.23 colour is bit brighter than your skin tone, especially made your neck color clearly not your face color, this will be the right shade for you.)

3. Finishing Result

Ceramide Cover Powder™ containing ceramides – plumps the skin and retains moisture – moisturises your skin while concealing imperfections and spots. When you apply for the first time you will see the moisturising texture contact upon your skin, however it will go velvety, powdery finish as it’s formulated with Makeup Fix Powder (will mention later how to use this cushion).

*Other Semi-matte Finish Cushions

HANSKIN released ‘Air Slip BB Cushion Foundation’ last month (HANSKIN Touch BB Cushion Upgrade version) and like the product name, it has weightless formula with high-coverage. (Korean BB creams are thicker and more coverage than westerner’s)

Another one is the best-selling and most Beauty Community Award Winner ‘HERA Black Cushion’, it is popular for excellent adherence, long-lasting & coverage and gives a semi-matte finish.
When I applied both HERA & IOPE cushions half side of my face at the same time, couldn’t see the visible differences – colour tone, finishing results etc,. – both were good. The differences in detail:
1. HERA Black Cushion – less come out on my phone screen when I touched
2. IOPE Perfect Cover – covers more fine lines & wrinkles
3. Both weightless however IOPE Perfect Cover is little heavier in formula
4. IOPE Perfect Cover has a slightly high coverage

*Any Tips for Application?

This mesh type, creamy texture foundation needs a different approach. Unlike liquid foundations (means sponge type), this creamy foundation is midweight and sometimes oil ingredients float over the content – nothing wrong with that, just need to mix (by pressing).

IOPE Perfect Cover Cushion has a stretch mesh net filter so when you apply:
1. Gently press the applicator (if press hard, it can release a lot of product – it’s wasting) and take the contents lightly by sweeping the puff downward.
2. You only need one time application at first. Gently dap or sweeping down as taking content out then evenly apply. If need more coverage then try second application – small amount will have almost entire face coverage.

*More About..
This 2018 New IOPE Perfect Cover is quite impressive – coverage, long-lasing & light-weight – especially colour – I use other’s brands’ standard colour shade No.23 and this more like my colour – slightly darker than IOPE other cushions shade & Laneige No.21 (Beige)
*Just a reminder, Laneige colouring is one tone lighter than any other brand’s standard. (EX. Laneige #13 = other brand #21)

After 6hrs it doesn’t oxidise however bit of oil comes out around T-zone & forehead compare to others – it’s normal but looks really natural.. doesn’t erase ugly either. Definately one of my recommended products~
See you next post, getting back to ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners. Thanks for reading~

(..published on May.14 2018)

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