2018 ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners – Tone Up Cream

What would you think the teens(teenager’s) ‘must-have’ beauty product is? Hmm.. when I was in school, ‘BB Cream’ was the most wanted one and ‘Juicy Lip Tint’ followed. Most kids are not allow to wear makeup at school, so girls are looking for something else to make them extra pretty & gorgeous – this desire delivered a huge impact to beauty industry creating a new product ‘Tone UP Cream’ (in Korea)^^;;

*What’s difference among BB, CC & Tone-Up Creams?

Since BB Cream boomed, the alphabet formulations (BB, CC, DD etc,) have steadily been released, however I would guess there will be no more trends going on with these products as concealers give high-coverage and Primers & Sunscreens are becoming super popular with wide range of people – wish ‘Get It Beauty’ have this topic (sunscreen) soon.

<Here is the quick comparison>

1. BB Cream(Blemish Balm): Was ideal for after laser-treatment, covering redness & acne. It became as a Beauty Balm, smoothing your complexion, evening out the tone and providing hydration/anti-oxidants like skincare benefits.
(*Asian(Korean) BB creams tend to be thicker & high/full-coverage and most Western BB creams are closer to a lightweight tinted moisturizer with a sheer appearance.)

2. CC Cream(Colour Correcting): Also covers redness, conceal dark spots and add radiance. It provide a lighter, natural coverage than BB cream.

3. Tone-Up Cream: Multi-purpose item, it acts like a primer, sunscreen, skincare & tone-corrector. Main function is brightening skin tone with an instantaneous effect and fight hyperpigmentation & discoloration.

*The ‘Good Tone-Up’ Creams we can use daily.

‘Get It Beauty Show’ collected 100 products which were selected from the most popular & sold, recommended by industry expert & top ranked on Beauty Apps, and filtered by their ‘Body Burden’ rule without sponsoring.

(Any product request please let us know.. some of them are SNS hot brand & I’ve never heard^^;;)

*What else we need to know more about Tone Up Cream?

Q1. What step in use?
It recommended to use before sunscreen, because if use after sunscreen, the sunscreen may dissolve so you wouldn’t get a UV protection.


Q2. Can I wear before sleep?
At night it should be avoided. Some brands show on their product page, it can be used as a night cream – formulated with safe ingredients as well as it has functional skincare benefit such as whitening & anti-wrinkle.

The key ingredients in the tone-up cream are ‘Titanium Dioxide’ and ‘Zinc Oxide’, which are frequently see in physical sunscreens. These 2 main ingredients help to immediately improve the skin tone. Well, would you sleep wearing a sunscreen? — Please cleanse thoroughly, it can cause acne and block your pores all night long.

Q3. The use of tone-up cream, the skin’s tone will improve in the long run?
Positive Yes! so please check the whitening ingredients such as vitamin C, Niacinamide & Arbutin.

Q4. Any tips for applying?
You may have or will experience when you apply tone-up cream. It brightens your complexion however your skin suddenly becomes too white.
To prevent this:
1. Mix with hydration cream (possibly any of your moisturizer) 1:1 ratio.
‘Titanium Dioxide’is in white powder form therefore mostly dry on the skin. Especially with high level of ‘1,2-Hexanediol’ & Carbomer’ it makes foundation slips on the skin.
Alternatively, you can apply more layer skincare products(well-prepping) before tone-up cream.
2. Apply with a makeup sponge. Spray facial mist onto sponge or puff and gently dab on your face.

*Here are the TOP5 Winners & ‘Beau-La-Bel’ Tone-Up Cream

Get It Beauty Show tested with No.23 shade users and checked brightness improvement.

<TOP 5 Lists in winning order>
1. Cosnori Whitening Dress Tone Up (Whitening) Cream
2. Mekadix 9 Back Whitening Cream
3. About Me Skin Tone Up Finish Cream
4. Dr Jart+ V7 Toning Light
5. Bonabella Rose Water Tone Up Cream


Cosnori Whitening Cream known as ‘1 Second Cream, & ‘Gum-Chi (means ‘elbow’) Cream’ have provided the best brightening effect and are great for using on body parts too.
<Additional Products>
These products are recommended by Korean Beauty Creative Director ‘Director Pi’ (couple of ingredients have a different from ‘Get It Beauty’, however she filtered harmful ingredients and tested by brightening effect & long-lasting results )

1. SomeByMi Rose Intensive Tone Up Cream
2. Goodal Premium Snail Tone Up Cream
3. Graymelin Tone Up Booster
4. It’s Skin Skin Solution Wedding Dress Cream

Thanks for reading & See you on next post ‘Red Lip’ Winner.
*This article source from ‘Get It Beauty Show’ and some image used from Google.

(..published on 2018. May 08)


  1. Hi, if we use tone up sunscreen and still wants to use sunscreen, is the step still sunscreen first, then tone up sunscreen? Bcs when I use tone up cream first, then sunscreen, it smudges the tone up cream..


    1. Hi, I would recommend tone up cream first, however try small amount of tone up cream and evenly spread over the skin, giving some time for full absorption. Another option is using tone up effect sunscreen (less skincare step helps makeup lasts – my experience^^) such as Innisfree Truecare Non-nano, Missha Zinc/Cover tone up Sun, Dr.Orga Sun etc.


    1. Hi~ Theoretically, you can use both, however it may disturb makeup application. I may recommed to use tone-up effect product(sunscreen) & foundation instead of using both tone up & CC, less steps makes better result. Also CC cream is skincare + BB (tone covering/correcting product) so wear it alone or use tone up cream or pearl-based primer before foundation, one or another.


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