2018 ‘Get It Beauty’ Winners – Sheet Mask

How often do you do mask treatment? I know ‘Mask A Day’ is kind of trend or was.. however famous Chinese actress ‘Fan Bingbing’ told CNN that she uses at least 2 facial masks per day.. more than 700 per year?
Here are some of her instagram pics and you can see how much she likes them – even in an elevator and doing autographs..
Korean sheet masks are widely popular, with billions sold in 2016 in South Korea alone, and there is also a Special Korean Mask Bar in a NY department store – sheet masks are the game changer. Maybe we all need an ambitious plan to have such beautiful, dewy & glow skin like Fan Bingbing using a sheet mask twice a day.^^


*Why is so popular?

No doubt sheet masks help improve the skin, as they consist of many beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals etc,. filled up with concentrated serum(mostly) in a sheet, that brings fast effect on the skin.

The sheet prevents evaporation of water phase(moist) and boost moisture retention of epidermis(surface of the skin) the result giving your skin a soft & smooth look, with an instant plump.


A mask sheet does extend the time in which beneficial ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, however if contains harmful ingredients(chemicals) it has more chance to cause irritation and harm your skin & health.

*Mask A Day is the best option?

There are still 2 strong groups of opinion, 1 supporting a ‘Mask A Day’ , the other against. The advice from one of the ‘Get It Beauty panel’, SooMin Han is that a functional mask – Whitening(skin brightening) & Wrinkle-improvement – does not help if done everyday, and it also increases the possibility to irritate skin, and . recommends to use mask after applying facial toner for daily use (at least safe from skin irritation).

< Here are the proven results for ‘Mask A Day’ >
This graph shows 1 week after skin moisture(water content) level, can see that both in & outer skin all increased 37.6% and 11.7% comparatively.

Well.. we all know now ‘Mask A Day’ works.

*Then what are those Good Mask Sheets to use?

Mask sheets mostly contain preservatives for prevention against bacteria contamination and some are using chemicals such as parabens, phenoxyethanol others are natural preservatives (ex. fermentation of Lactobacillus) as well as some harmful ingredients.
Here are the Good Mask Lists chosen from ‘Get It Beauty Show’..

<TOP 5 Winners>
These are top5 products with proven effectiveness – improved Epidermis & Dermis moisture level and Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

• Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet (Shea Butter)
• CNP Propolis Energy Ampule Mask
• MakeP:rem Safe Relief Moisture Mask
• 2SOL The Mask
• Aromatica Sea Daffodil Hydro Charge Mask

*The Truth of Mask Magic

You may have experienced that your skin brightened all of a sudden after wearing a mask, like a glow beam shot on your face. Well disappointingly it’s just a mask trick.

Once your skin filled with full of hydration then the outermost of the epidermis (Horny Layer, the stratum corneum which is composed of dead, keratin-filled cells) looks glowing & shiny, just like a instant tone-up.
This also happens after washing the face, so it’s the perfect time to selfie.^^;; Don’t be disappointed about mask sheets, as with continuous use they will make your skin healthy, more radiant and glowing.

<Here is the The ‘Beau-La-Bel Mask Winner’> – Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet

Well.. there are so many options to choose from for your low-cost yet most-effective skin treatment.
Hope you always make an enjoyable & relaxing time in your busy life style.

Thanks for reading & See you next blog post with Tone-Up Cream.


*Article source from Get It Beauty Show & some article quoted from Google.

..published on 2018. Apr. 29


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