Best Hydrating Ampoule By Director Pi (Part 2)

Director Pi has divided into Soothing and Hydrating – Soothing ampoule balances water/oil level and soothes skin irritation, and Hydrating ampoule more focusing on hydrating (infusing your cells with water) also having a soothing benefit.

< TOP 5 Hydrating Ampoule >

  1. Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule (just renewed with new packaging, formula as well as size)
• Instantly hydrates skin, however doesn’t last
• Ideal for dehydrated oily and sensitive skin

2. MakeP:rem Safe Me Relief Moisture Green Ampoule

• Hydrating & Moisturizing with long-lasting effect
• Serum dropper work bit slower than you think^^; (be patient!)
• Recommend for dry skin and also dehydrated oily skin

3. 9 Wishes Hydra Skin Ampoule Serum (renewal version)

• Contains Medium molecular HA, easy to apply & doesn’t leave oily residue
• Recommend for dry, dehydrated oil & sensitive skin

4. CNP Mugener Ampoule

• Soothe skin irritation, less hydrating compare to above examples
• Recommend for dehydrated oil & oily skin types

5. The Lab By Blanc Doux Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Ampoule

• Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, and has soothing benefit
• Ideal for all skin types

< Best Soothing/Calming Ampoule By Director Pi >

  1. Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing Ampoule
• Controls excess sebum and great for whitehead & uneven skin texture
• Ideal for problematic(acne-prone) dry skin

2. DMCK Clean Ac Ampoule

• Contains witch hazel & tea tree oil
• Calms acne and whiteheads, absorbs quickly
• Recommend for acne-prone and oily skin type

3. A’pieu Madeassoside Ampoule

• Mild formula with 2 ingredients and reduce redness
• All skin types, recommend to use with moisturizer

4. Be Plain Cicaful Ampoule

• Contains high molecular HA and doesn’t leave oily residue
• Balances water/oil content and calms redness & acne
• Ideal for dry, sensitive skin, and also dehydrated oily skin

5. Heynature Erseongcho Ampoule

• Contains Houttuynia cordata extract and lavender oil
• Great for developed acne and redness, Ideal for acne-prone & oily skin types

6. Real Barrier Aqua Soothing Ampoule

• Hydrating & soothing ampoule
• Ideal for oily skin type

< Q & A >

1.Concentrated formula serum makes your skin more moisturizing?
A: NO. Serums are typically thinner and lighter, and those rich, concentrated formula contain Collagen, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) etc,. which make serum thicker(also expensive), so if your serum is in lighter texture lock in moisture with moisturizer.

2. ‘An Ampoule A Day’ can boost moisturizing level?
A: Positively YES, and also new trend is ‘Daily Ampoule’ & Layering. Those concentrated form of serum can address a particular issue and boost the effect of your other products.

3. Containing multiple types of HA is better than single type?
A: NO. The original source and how to gain HA is very important than types, however only the manufacturer known, so the answer is size matters.
Lager molecules have a more difficult time to penetrate deep into skin.
(Tip! Apply HA to damp skin, then top it off with a moisturizer or oil to seal it in)

Thanks for reading and see you next post~

*Article source from Director Pi’s post


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