Best Firming Serums by Director Pi (Part 4)

< What is Firming Serum? >

The formula is made with firming agents that tighten your complexion to smooth out the signs of ageing, and using it over time your skin get plumped, healthy-looking with visibly diminished fine lines & wrinkles. It’s more powerful than anti-ageing and quicker treatment for sagging skin.

< The Guideline of Best Firming Serum >

  1. Must contain Adenosine, Retinol & Retinyl Palmitate (an ingredient composed of palmitic acid and retinol) etc,. key ingredients for wrinkle-improvement
  2. Effective anti-ageing ingredients – Peptide, Collagen & Stem Cell – that help promote collagen & elastin production

< Best Top 8 Firming Serums >

  1. Martiderm Platinum Photo-Age Ampoule
• Contains Vt. C and Retinyl Palmitate for whitening & anti-wrinkle benefits
• Great for fine lines and enlarged pores

  1. Bad Skin Collagen Bomb Hydrating Ampoule
• Hydrolyzed Collagen-enriched light essence that can be used as a toner
• Ideal for dry to dehydrated-oily skin

  1. IOPE Stem-III Ampoule (Best for ageing/older skin)
• Contains Niacinamide and Adenosine for whitening & anti-wrinkle benefits
• Recommends for combination to oily skin type as it contains alcohol, and age over 30s
• Great for smoothing skin texture and improving fine lines

< Test Result >

  1. Dimar3 Rem-Rose 25 Burning Liquid
• High-potency of Adenosine and Peptide, can be used alone (each ampoule) or mixed
• Recommends for non-sensitive skin, Do not expect a dramatic result

  1. Histolab Azulene Complex Ampoule
• Peptide-rich ampoule that contains tea tree leaf oil for soothing benefit
• Recommends for combination to oily skin types

  1. Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Boosting Ampoule
• Non-irritating boosting ampoule – need to use with active serums (2nd Ampoule, effector)
• Combination of Seawater and Adenosine for calming & firming effect

  1. SCINIC Cicanoid Ampoule (Best for early signs of aging)
• Daily even-tone and anti-ageing/wrinkle serum, containing Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica & Adenosine
• Recommends for dry & dehydrated-oily skin, and sensitive skin

  1. Swanicoco RH-EGF 1ppm Ampoule
• Formulated with rh-oligopeptide-1 (EGF) and Adenosine to improve fine lines & firming effect
• Great for smoothing skin texture and even-tone skin
• Suitable for all skin types

< Additional Tips for preventing & improving wrinkles >

At 40 (developed ageing skin), recovering the broken elastic and collagen is pretty hard, however improving the skin condition is very positive by using proper skincare cosmetics and diets. These simple tips (especially 40~60s or sensitive skin) will allow to slow down the ageing process and provide more beneficial and visible results.

1. Restore the hydration of your skin as well as your body
When we become dehydrated, our skin becomes dry, flaky, and wrinkled.
Use hydrating skincare product to nourish and hydrate your skin, and drink plenty of water daily is very important and simple method for plump, soft skin.

2. Exfoliate Skin using an Hypoallergenic Exfoliator
The accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin surface intensifies the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and prevents product absorption. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and easily damaged so rather than using AHA/BHA, use a hypoallergenic exfoliator (such as cleaning oil or water) is a healthier way to treat our skin.

Eg.• Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil
• Lanbelle Natural Deep Cleansing Oil
• Reduire Refreshing Time Cleansing Water

3. Check out the ingredients that help strengthen the skin’s protective barrier (Panthenol, Madecassosside, Centella Asiatica, Ceramides and Cholesterol)

Eg.• Be Plain Chamomile pH-Balanced Toner
• Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule
• ISOI Bulgarian Rose Intensive Energizing Cream

4. Use effective anti-aging products (these are additional recommendations of above Director Pi’s Pick)

Eg.• Hyggee Natural Repair Serum
• MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Cream

5. Protect the skin against sunlight
(These items are also great to use with cushions, and provides light tone-up effect)

Eg.• Dewytree Urban Shade Moisture Repair Sun
• Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Pure Moisture Sun
• Espoir Water Splash Sun Cream

Thanks for reading and any questions or tips, happy to share with~

*This article source from Director Pi’s blog post & video, and some original images have been modified by simplyji

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