My Little Winter Skincare Tips

Hi guys~ Hope you're all well and thanks for those visiting my blog even with a long absence😅. It has been long enough break for me, not taking care of my skin, and this early winter coldness🌨 seriously attacks my skin, getting dry patches, flaky and more wrinkles so I'd like to share some skincare... Continue Reading →

Laneige Neo Foundation Matte Review

Hot right now! Why? - Have tested and hope this article helps to make your decision easily😊 As Laneige Neo Cushion has 'mega sold' (for me it was also a totally satisfying product), I couldn't wait to try this new Laneige Neo Foundation Matte.When launched in July at Aritaum (authorized Amorepacific online/ off-line mall) -... Continue Reading →

Mask Friendly Makeup (#Foundation)

Again..late post😖 Have been working on a new site where you can purchase the products that are mentioned in this blog site - hope to have & introduce more products that you may interest (the site should be available later this month😉). 🙆🏻‍♂️ Transfer-proof Formula Foundation None-of-products can prevent 100% transfer to your face mask... Continue Reading →

Mask Friendly Makeup (#Concealer)

We're living in a mask environment, required to wear a mask all day and still do wear makeup so I have been thinking of posting little tips for your daily makeup that help eliminate the rubbing off of makeup onto your mask. More focus on base, not much color makeup so hope not be disappointed... Continue Reading →


I was so into a nude-tone, natural-looking matte makeup for a while, using only foundation and bit of powder, however feel like something missing such as dewy-looking, or subtle radiance that makes me look younger or as if I have good skin^^; I have been enjoying this FP (Foundation & Powder) Duo makeup (I may... Continue Reading →

2020 Beauty Keyword – M.A.S.K (Skip-Care)

Beauty minimalism 'Skip-care' - skipping skincare products or steps, this K-beauty trend started few years back. Although it wasn't popular like '7-skin method' or '10-step routine', this recommendation grows by dermatologist and benefits are proven, so it is worth considering in your daily beauty routine. 🤸‍♀️Definition of Skip-care It simply means minimize your skincare routine... Continue Reading →

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