My Little Winter Skincare Tips

Hi guys~ Hope you’re all well and thanks for those visiting my blog even with a long absence😅. It has been long enough break for me, not taking care of my skin, and this early winter coldness🌨 seriously attacks my skin, getting dry patches, flaky and more wrinkles so I’d like to share some skincare tips and introduce some good yet new-to-me products for this winter season:


Simply change your cleansing product to fluid or oil containing products. Multi-steps of cleansing can make skin dehydrated and dry, so use cleansing milk or cleansing oil for double cleansing.
One cleanser for morning – gel or foam any type of product that suits your skin, and at night, “Lip & Eye Remover then Cleansing Oil, finishing with Foaming Cleanser or toner pads”.
I used to rub my entire face with cleansing oil, skipping eye remover – hell of a mess and irritating my skin so please use a proper step, and make sure your skin feels calm and hydrated after cleansing – if not, you’re using the wrong cleanser that could disrupt your skin barrier.

< Recommendations >
• Illiyoon Lip & Eye Remover
• Dewytree Hi Amino Cleansing Milk
• Hanskin Cleansing Oil (PHA)
• Beplain Greenful Cleansing Oil
• Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing OIl

• Makeprem Moisture Cleansing Milk/ Foam (both good)

• Su:m37 Rosec Foam Cleanser
• Yuripibu Greentea Foaming Cleanser

(There’re so many products I’ve used that are mostly good for my skin, and the above products are for anyone that has a not extremely-sensitive or oily skin. Acne-prone and oily skin can recommend for low pH and/or acne foam, containing BHA such as DrG pH Cleansing Gel, Round Lab Dokdo Foam Cleanser & DR.Vancor Acne BHA Foam Cleanser)


Hydrate until you feel comfortable. 1~2 times layering a toner on my face in the morning, and at night use a toner pad lightly, rather than harsh and multiple times swiping face then apply effective serum straight away – using a Vitamin C serum is the best for winter as UV rays not strong and also Retinol or face oil for night, are my recommendations, especially who has a mature skin like me. Be aware of those active ingredients (retinoids & vitamin C) that can cause skin irritation.

< Recommendation >
• MIXSOON Master Soft Toner

• Fation Aqua Biome Toner Pad

• Needly Daily Toner Pad

• Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Pad

👉 All toner pads are great for removing makeup residue as well as instant skin pack (soothing & hydrating), and above toner pads are bigger than other brands so 1 pad is enough for everything 😋)


Most active ingredients in serums – you can focus on your skin concerns such as pigmentation, dryness or loss of firmness. One of my favourites is KoY Solid Volume Ampoule, peptide rich serum that is nutritious and gives glow to my skin. After using MIXSOON Master Soft toner, which is a non-fast absorbing toner and adding on this volume serum and doing a quick face massage until absorbed – it helps with circulation and reduces puffiness, and boost product absorption.
Remember the rule to go lighter to heavier/thicker texture with your skincare application.
Adding in a Hyaluronic Acid to your serum or moisturizer will help increase skin hydration. 👉when your skin is still damp after shower, directly applying Hyaluronic Acid Toner or Serum to your face is an option to hydrate your skin this winter.

< Recommendations >
KoY Solid Volume Ampoule

• Torriden Dive-In Serum
• Cosrx Propolis Light Ampoule
• Vari:hope Pure Vitamin C Ampoule EX
• Carenology Re:Blue Night Facial Oil

• Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

(American brand. Its light texture absorbs fast and comfortable for sleep)

Goodal Vita C Dark Spot Care Serum, Lanbelle Vita Energy Zapti Serum & Laneige Vitamin C Serum(17.5%) etc,. there are so many options^^; those are all “Munan-Munan”, meaning easy, good and recommend in Korean


Look for richier, thicker products, especially for the evening routine, which can help repair and restore the skin barrier. Moisturizing ingredients like Squalene, Glycerin, and Ceramides help your skin keep hydrated and prevent transepidermal water loss. For oily & acne-prone skin, focus on balancing skin’s water/oil level otherwise still make your skin breakout. Using a richer texture but Non-comedogenic or more soothing ingredients moisturiser can help balance things out.

< Recommendations >
• Derma 3 Vital Rose Cream
• Round Lab Birch Juice Cream

• gesgep Bare Cream
• La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Soothing Face Balm B5
• AESTURA Atobarrier 365 Cream
• Physiogel DMT Facial Cream


We still need SPF even less UVB/UVA levels in winter. Sunscreen blocks UV rays yet helps increase hydration level by applying over moisturizer. I do use 2 sunscreens, one for hydrating and other for tone-up effect. Not feel heavy nor disturb my makeup.

< Recommendations >
• ETUDE Soon Jung X Director’s Moisture Sun cream

• Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sun Cream
• Laneige Radian-C Sun Cream

• eSpoir Water Splash Sun Cream

• Jung Saem Mool Skin Setting Tone-Up Sun Base

🧊Skin Treatments or Beauty Devices

Winter is a great time for professional treatments, like peels, laser treatments or microneedling. Those can help to stimulate collagen production and restore skin’s natural radiance. I had 3~4 times microdermabrasion and RF treatment as a package in my early 30s – not remember how did it go >.< but now I am very happy with my home device, 1~2 times a month uses make my skin smooth and allow better absorption of my skincare products. Only need consistency which I don’t have/had though🤭. If you have time, consider skin treatments this winter.

< Recommendations >
• CNP Milk Toning Peel Plus (can be harsh for sensitive skin)

• Vanav Time Machine Galvanic Massager
• Medipeel Herbal Peel Tox
NOTDAM Bangjja Brassware Gwalsa Massager


I would not recommend too much change to your skincare routine for winter, however those extra moisturizing and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, propolis, squalene etc, and special care (sheet mask, face mist etc) are you needs for this season to prevent dry patches & fine lines as well as improve skin firmness, elasticity and uneven skin tone.
Also, I suggest taking beauty supplements such as Collagen Powder, Skin-brightening supplement and Vitamins every day. It will help give your skin a healthy, glow and support collagen production.

Applying lip balm/oil daily and moisturizing hands are essential too. Adding glowness to your skin, simply adding some tone up primer or layer extra moisturizing step will help, so will talk about this in the next post.

Thanks for reading and keep warm!

ps.. My best pick?

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