Essence? Serum? What’s included in your daily skincare regimen?

Even if new to this term, you may have heard about “Estee Lauder Brown Bottle” or “SK-II / Treatment Essence”. So What’s different? If the texture is bit watery – you can call it an “Essence” and if kind of tacky texture – that’s the serum (most of Korean brands call “ampoule”).
Serums are not new to skin care and have gained more prominence over the past few years, but still many women are confused. Especially in Korea, these two are the most essential steps for their skincare regimen.

And what’s exactly work for skin and why we need to use?


Serums are a skin care product with super concentrations of certain active ingredients such as anti-aging, brightening key ingredients. They don’t use emollients like a moisturizer or cream to keep skin hydrated, instead formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver full of skin beneficial factors. The molecules in a serum are smaller than those in a moisturizer so it can penetrate deeply.

Essence also is a concentrated formula that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tones – just light texture and less stickyness – it is good for morning or after cleansing at night. Some people has refreshing toner separately but I use this essence instead of toner, soaked in a cotton pad and wipe all over my face. Clearly, you can see the results if you cleansed well – nothing left on cotton pad. Also, it’s kind of time saving rather than using toner and essence as well as less stimulate for your skin.

If I can add one more fact, lighter texture essence is for dull skin and uneven skin tones and mid-weight essence like a liquid + gel mixture is for spot targetting and anti-wrinkle. And here is a tip, apply on your face from light one to heavy consistences. If you put on heavy stuff first, they create a layer so light texture doesn’t absorb into your skin. (This picture illustrates tacky, mid-weight texture – Swanicoco Total Care Serum)


So enough about definitions of essence & serum? – let me introduce our popular product “Swanicoco Total Care Serum”.
Once you open a box you can see a unique protection cap and stunning silver bottle. It has a floral & light rose scent and mid-weight texture, Yes! that’s why it named as a serum. This concetrated formula that specifically contains Korean Wild Ginseng and Human Oligopeptide – 1 for cell renewal and revitalization.


This product is processed by fermentation – this process breaks down the molecular structure of the ingredients and actually makes the nutrients more concentrated and more easily & rapidly absorbed. Fermenting key ingredients provides a protection for the skin and strengthen its skin’s metabolism to make it stronger and healthier. Sounds too academic?


Anyway, here is a comparison that I tried on my face for the first day. It shows an instant plumping already and hope this product will clear all my age spots^^

“Swanicoco” has massive fans and they post and share lots of information and results. From younger generation to old, they all love Swanicoco’s products. Plus check the ingredients – looks like lots of ingredients – but just name of plants or extracts because of the translation – most are all natural.

That’s their aim: use natural ingredients as they are better and safer for the skin (similar to Sidmool – proudly have a reputation in the natural cosmetics industry)

To sum up, your skin needs active ingredients for better absorption, which also optimizes your skin’s natural cell turnover, something a moisturizer cannot offer. You’ll see more results from essence and serum, some products may be an immediate improvement but most require about 4 weeks of consistent use for visible results. Your skin will appear plumper, firmer, brighter and healthier.

[ Some sentence quoted from: Blog Destination Skin ]

new 3 & half weeks now..
I can tell that my skin texture got better (smoother), pore sizes smaller than before and dark spots more brighter. For reference, I have a dry & combination skin. If you have a oily or acne-prone skin, results may differ as other products. Overall, it works well and I will stick to this product for a while.

(published on Sep. 2015)


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