My First Cushion – ISAKNOX Cell Renew Cushion Review

Since ISANOX (One of big LG Cosmetic Brands)started big sales in Korea, I have been really excited to try them out as one of my favourite actresses ‘Lee Min Jung’ is the face of the brand.
Currently I’m using ‘Chosungah22 Bounce Pact Original(No.2)’ that is almost running out so I tried this ‘Cell Renew Cushion(No.23) today to give some idea for next item.


A blogger said that it’s bit pinky but I found that it’s not, totally turned my worry into a spectacular result.^^; It has medium or medium+ coverage and cooling effect plus strong UV protection.
(This is what she means – Cell Renew Cushion has a pink base. It is good for someone who has a yellow undertone – beige/medium beige skin tone & who wants glow finish.)

However, you need to try small amount only, which absorbs quickly to reveal the magic.
The first picture is showing BB cream(Dr. Jart+ Brightening Balm) + Cell Renew Cushion I put on my face and the next one is showing that just cushion used.

Nothing different? haha.. Maybe you’re right. Because it covers perfectly and gives dewy and glow finish. You can add tiny bb cream or concealer on blemishes.
If you’re obsessed in cushion foundation or they are not in your budget, it’s a go to product. This product definitely can be used on its own unless you want to make more definition.

Thanks for reading..

(published on late 2015..  Since then Cell Renew Cushion has renewed and there are awesome ‘collabo cushions’ in ISAKNOX )

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