Popular BB Creams Tested on My Face

What are BB & CC creams – Here is perfect answer so I just quote from Fashionist (Thanks!)

BB creams provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants–the list goes on depending on what brand you choose. They’re lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers. While the additives in BB creams can have the same efficacy as they would in stand-alone serums, be careful about counting on BB creams for adequate sun protection.

And the difference between BB and CC creams is subtle–CC generally stands for ‘color correcting’ and the products are meant to address issues like redness or swelling skin (usually with light-diffusing particles), whereas BB creams are like lighter foundation with a few skin care benefits thrown in. “CC cream is a color corrector and will be lighter on the skin than a BB cream” celeb makeup artist Nico Guilis said. “They have more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish–kind of the new and improved BB.”

Many cosmetic companies make renewal version to protect skin and are more functional, so please keep an eye out new products coming soon.

Today, I’ve tried 4 famous bb products on my skin and this is the comparison:


So, ‘Toocool For School(TCFS) Dual BB’ and ‘Dr.Jart+ Rejuvenating BB’ are similar-color & coverage but later is bit thicker. And ‘TCFS Lunchbox BB’ and ‘Laneige BB’ both have soft & smooth texture but laneige is more lighter. Heavy texture bb cream can be mixed with face oil or tone-up products such as HERA makeup starter, TonyMoly aura beam, etc..

(Used TCFS LunchBox No.2 + Chosungah22 Original Bounce Pact #2 Sand Beige.)

..published on Mid 2015

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