How to make your lip plumping?

The other day I opened my email and found this interesting article – “The Ombre Lip”. I know that it’s not new trends in beauty industry – it probably started in the ends of 2013, but just didn’t know exactly what the term & meaning was of “Ombre”.

It’s a very similar gradation of color that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the center of the mouth. And it’s usually outlined by a darker shade of lip pencil or lipstick to fake fuller lips.
Ombre lips have been worn by models throughout the years on the runways of Dior, Miu Miu, etc., to make lips appear as large as possible without looking overdrawn simply with lip liner.

We don’t need to be a runway model but it’s just beautiful & stunning.
These instagram makeup artist (Nikkie – Just awesome!!>.<) shows that in the art of Ombre with simple tricks.

On the other hand, the opposite way is a trend in Korea -The gradation lips. It focus on center so the color starts from center of the lip from darkest to lightest. You can see the pictures below that shows pretty much nothing left on the lip lines, just like gradated with skin tone. The Koreans love this look, don’t know why but it is more attractive to guys.
Well it’s as they say – more pure and reminds of their first love. LOL^^;


One more interesting things is that Laneige created this dual color stick. (picture’s below) It has two-tone colors and just apply on your lips, and it already creates gradation effects.
More color options with perfect combinations.

So it’s totally up to you how to make your lip stunning among these options. Unfortunately our store couldn’t get a full range of lip products, however we have beautiful & hot trend colors with various textures. I hope I gave a direction and some ideas to choose your next “it product” for your shopping list.

[ Some sentence quote from, And big thanks to Ssumbly, Dalkombeauty Blogger & huffingtonpost for posting. ]

(published on Oct. 2015)

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