What’s wrong with ‘A Mask A Day’?

It’s been a long time to write a blog – have been busy throughout the holidays and had a great time off, hope you all had a good holidays~!! – and today I’d like to share some pros & cons about masks.

In Korea, lots of celebrities, especially K-pop idols, mention their beauty secrets and how to keep their skin flawless & healthy despite tight schedules, by using a mask. Since then suddenly the ‘Mask a day’ trend has boomed, however some of the facts are not all together true, and there are some cautions as well.

Fact 1. Hydrating mask is okay to use everyday but functional masks – brightening, anti-wrinkle, etc. – are certainly not. (True!!)

Answer: Because those masks may increase skin sensitivity & cause skin trouble. The more ingredients, the more stimulate the skin so there are more possibilities to increase skin trouble. If you have an oily or sensitive skin need to consider about using functional mask every day.


Fact 2. I like to use a different functional mask each day, because I want my skin get brighter as well as anti-wrinkle. (False!!)

Answer: When using a functional mask sheet, you need to keep using the same one for 28 days to get the best result, as it takes about 28 days for the skin to regenerate. If you want bright skin, you need to be patient.


Fact 3. Nose patch & pack shrinks my pore. (True & False!)

Answer: It’s working and feels fresh but doesn’t keep the effect long. Also if you use quite often, it can irritate a sebaceous gland which makes excessive secretion within. Further more, it may cause inflammation & scars. So I recommend using once a week for dry nose patch or mild peeling/essence 2~3 times. I will post a new blog about ‘how to remove dead skin cells & pore tightening method’ soon.

Fact 4. Parabens free mask is safe. (Well, the answer is False!!)

Answer: Because it means the mask doesn’t have a paraben but it may use other preservatives. All masks are wet and use some preservatives such as Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Diazolidinyl Urea to prevent a bacteria. Especially for delicate area – eye zone & lip -mask, definitely need to check the ingredients.

Fact 5. Natural mask pack should be safe, because it’s from natural food. (False!!)

Answer: Because some people have food/ingredients allergies: means that your skin gets irritated so if you don’t have any food allergies and then it’s safe to use natural mask packs.
For example, in green potatoes & new sprouts has a poison, however, potato mask pack is good for clearing up the under eye dark circles & brighten the skin and more. And Aloe Vera which has healing properties and fights against anti ageing, sun burns, dryness of skin, but the thorns are poisonous so need to remove all before using. Also honey, a natural antioxidant and antibacterial has an allergic ingredient so need to patch test on your skin.


Plus, here are some tips for using mask for healthy & radiant skin.
1. After cleansing, use a toner to clean skin’s surface. It helps prep your skin to absorb beneficial ingredients from mask sheet.
2. Leave 15~20 mins and don’t exceed time because the mask is still wet but inside is already dry & it may your skin dry – it cause your skin redness. (If you’re using it at dry indoor place, recommend for 10 mins. It dries quickly.)
3. After using mask sheet, pat to dry remaining essence and follow with small amount of moisturizer. It prevents your skins moisture loss.
Well, masks are brilliant beauty tools and there are tons of good functional masks in the market, just give some thought to select the best one for your skins condition.
Thanks for reading!!

[ Article source: Beauty App Hwahae. Thanks for sharing~!! ]

..published on Jan. 2016

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