Dead skin cells be gone..

Even though it’s summer in Australia, my skin often feels dull & see dead skin cells on my face. The reason is when skin becomes aged its regeneration ability is decreased and dead cells are left on the skin surface, rather than new cells being generated.

I checked some articles & product reviews and found some quick treatment & tips. These options are simple and quite interesting products are on the market in Korea which I’d like to share with you.

Many articles say, “exfoliating” is the best way to get rid of dead skin cells, leaving a fresh & smooth surface behind. It helps keep the pore clean, reduce outbreaks and improve the texture of skin as well as brightens your complexion. Even if you have the most sensitive skin, you will still have to exfoliate it using a mild scrub. It may some skin specialist can argue with that but I assume it still be helpful.

1. Peeling gel
It’s the most common method & you can get a instant result. However, some of products contain a harsh granules so just make sure it’s a mild peeling gel.
And I’ve tried “OHUI Extreme White Peeling Gel” and below pictures show how it worked.
(It is a really soft peeling gel and contains vitamin capsule to help brighten your skin tone.)

2. Exfoliating pad (Peeling gauze)
Neogen’s Bio-peeling gauze is the one of best selling products & I have experienced that why consumers chose that one. It’s very gentle on skin and has a sweet smell like a Welch’s grape soft drink or sweet wine. It’s easy to use more than the recommended usage (1~2times/week), and if you do your skin will lose its regenerating effect.
The picture shows the peeling pad instantly removing dead skin cells and after 3 weeks of use like me, you can see how your complexion gets brighter.

3. Peeling Stick (Koreans calls as a “Peeling Bong”)
‘The Saem’ & ‘Papa’s recipe’ have this unique style of exfoliating method and I’ve tried the latter. The company’s concepts are ‘Papa’s recipe’, it is safe for his baby and he tests himself.

I was surprised as even though I cleansed my face, the dirt & impurities still come out. I can tell it cleans in deep & well and was amazed. There is a mask in the pack as well. ( just reminder, the set is good for night time use.)

4. Bubble Mask
Are you get tingled easily? Well, you can be tolerated for 7~8 mins because it’s just cool & worth it. I’ve been using this ‘SU:M Bright Award bubble mask’ for a month now and I feel great everytime as my skin gets refreshed & feel like detoxed^^. My skin gets brighter and better hydrated than other deep cleansers or wash-off masks.

It also cleans pores when the bubbles are generating and in the end when you wash off, a rich bubble thoroughly cleanses your face. I admit it does takes times to completely get rid of lather on my hair line. Except that it is really good. We have another bubble mask – ‘The Saem Black O2 Bubble mask’, I haven’t tried yet, however, as other people says, it’s the one of best ‘The Saem’ product & am really looking forward to trying it.

5. Peeling Essence
These are new products & quite interesting. These are both essence and just swipe with cotton pad to exfoliate the skin. The difference is that ‘SU:M peeling smoother’ is used after cleansing the face and you can see that it brings out dead skin cells and then you can use a toner to clean. For oily skin types you need to rinse off. The other one ‘IOPE Peeling essence’ is a night time essence and use after toner like a normal facial serum. And it just cleanse skin surface and is ready to use a moisturizer.

Look forward to reviewing soon and the next article is about “How to remove white/blackheads?”. Thanks for reading!

(..published on Jan. 2016)


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