Have you thought about how long the products are lasting?

As the new year started, lots of cosmetic brands released new products. Mac, L’Oreal & Biothem have already launched a cushion foundation, a gradation eye-brow pencil from CLIO, anti-pollution products from Laneige & Kiehl’s as well as many more.

I also love a brand new product, doesn’t matter what it is^^;; and limited edition package. It makes me feel that I’m the first one or the only one who has that specific product…..something like that (I know it’s silly >.<). And if you go to a shop, it’s hard to refuse the sales assistance’s recommendation. The results? Yes, they’re just sitting on my makeup console or bathroom cabinet.

Well, have you thought about how long the products are lasting? There is a label on every package and most women check it when they purchase, however, not many of them consider the expiry date. Using a product beyond its expiration date risks irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin/eye infections, so I would like to share this information to give some thought to it.

A Korean beauty show program tested bacteria percentage for toilet bowl, rags (cleaning cloth) and expired hand cream. The above picture shows that the most bacteria detected was from a hand cream. Imagine you’re wiping with a dirty rag which just cleaned your floor.

It’s just one test and there are a lot of articles about how bad your skin can be infected if you’re hanging on to your skincare or makeup past its expiration date.

So I’ve summerized this information based on Korean Beauty Community “HwaHae” -there is no english- and have added my own picture & explain Korean letter as well.

1. Manufactured Date Code

2. Expiry Date Code

3. Korean Product Label

And there is one more symbol(most used in Europe and some other korean brands are using this)
: PAO (Period After Opening ) – advise you when to throw a product away after opening.

Though products vary greatly, as do the conditions of consumer usage and storage, this is a general guide for assessing what needs to go. (Best Before means: after opening)

At last, I’ve some added some tip’s for how to keep your makeup accessories clean and usage advice from a famous Korean makeup artist ‘Jung Saem Mul’.
1. Cushion puff & makeup sponge
: After using cushion puff, press gently on dry tissue to dry moisture out and she recommends that cut the makeup sponge rather than washing because usually washing tears off the fine texture.

2. Makeup Brushes (artificial hair)
: Cleansing with a foam cleanser and rinsing out all makeup residues. Press gently using two fingers to remove water and then use a cloth to wipe your brush clean, reshaping the bristles.

3. Organize your makeup console by categories (sections) – it saves wasting your money to buy unnecessary items and economise your makeup application time.

4. Creates a label – mark the expiry date or opening date that helps pay attention to how your products are holding up every time you use them.

So I did this myself too ^0^, I think it’s great idea that can be even more helpful than relying on the PAO date. And remember, always keep your hands clean and secure the cap after using a product!!


(..published on Feb. 2016)


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