The K-Beauty Box and also.. Serum Best Top 10

As the ‘VOGUE KOREA‘ celebrates its 20th anniversary, they have created a special project(K10) which is ‘The K-Beauty Box’, containing a range of 10 products, both skincare and makeup which had been voted as favourites by Korean women, specifically chosen by Vogue Korea’s Beauty Editor.

I know K-Beauty is not new to you all, however this time is a bit different. It is something special, delivering significant apealling about Korean cosmetics, blended with the philosophy of K-Beauty culture.

This box is made & delivered to the 100 people who have a strong influence in the global beauty industry, such as beauty distributors/ Directors, Celeb agencies and Makeup artists, including NYX founder & Victoria Beckham.

I want to share what it’s included in this box, and the best serum/essence of the year 2016 which is announced from one of the best cosmetic reviews app(application) – HwaHae. The result may differ to other similar apps, however it originated from verified reviews which were heavily screened.

< VOGUE K-Beauty Box >


I have simply listed all the products here with links. If you really don’t know where to start, one of these items may help introduce you to your new Korean cosmetics.

1. HERA Mist Cushion
2. Clio Tattoo Kill Brow
3. Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar
4. SU:M37 Timeless Watergel Cream
5. CNP RX Rejuvenating Miracle Essence
6. Chosungah22 Raybeam Up Cream
7. Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum
8. TonyMoly Backgel Eyeliner
9. Banila Co. Clean It Zero
10. Innisfree Second Skin Mask

< Best Essence/Serums of the year 2016 >

As serum(essence or ampoule, including booster) is the key ingredient to deliver effectiveness for healthy, brighter & firmer skin, and here I have listed the top 10 serums from Koreans voted last year (Jan.01~ Nov.30).


1. MISSHA Time Revolution Essence(Intensive Moist)
2. SU:M37 Secret Essence
3. SCINIC First Treatment
4. SIDMOOL Propolis Ampoule
5. TonyMoly Black Tea London Classic Serum
6. CNP Propolis Energy Ampoule
7. Laneige Water Bank Essence
8. The Saem Essential First Essence
9. PRIMERA Miracle Seed Essence
10. ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

There are big changes compare to 2015 – SU:M37 Secret Essence, SCINIC First Essence & CNP Propolis Ampoule have still keep their ranking and others are all new to top 10 lists.

Also the face oils are big in the market at the moment in Korea – actually SU:M37 Secret Oil and Innisfree Soybean Energy Oil already ranked top 10 & hot items in entire skincare category and I assume they will be powerful items for the K-beauty lovers’ new anti-aging line.

Thanks for reading!
(The Image & article source from VOGUE Korea & HWAHAE)

..published on 2017. Jan


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