Mask trend is the big Mover

Well, It looks like it, because many Korean cosmetic companies have released lots of wash off masks and sleeping packs with more options. Recently Banila Co. & Innisfree have launched “The Blacks” series and “Real Mask” & “Black Green Tea Mask” lines.

The mask trend is moving from sheet masks to mask packs, and it is worth a look at why they have suddenly focussed on these products. Here is a quick comparison of the 2 types:

Sheet masks are very convenient as they are easy to apply and deliver instant hydration and radiance. They are mainly targeted for whitening and hydrating – the effect of the essence that is within, also cools down the skin to draw out heat, so lots of manufacturers recommend placing it in the fridge before use to enhance the effect. (keeping the skin temperature low prevents wrinkles and pimples).

Unlike the sheet masks, the wash-off masks require more time, so choosing the best to suit your skin is not easy. They are often more expensive, however, they give a much deeper cleanse, exfoliate better and after using for a long-time will achieve fair and smooth skin.

But how to choose the right one as they come with different ingredients and combinations such as mud mask, radiant mask, soothing mask etc…? So I’d like to give some info briefly we have now in store and this is a quick guide.

(BTW these are all wash-off type masks and exclude bubble masks which are great for deep cleansing & brightening dull skins)

Today I’ve tried the “Black Green Tea Mask” from Innisfree which I need an emergent treatment for dead skin cells & dull skin tones. The texture is soft jelly – doesn’t dripping though and the smells are just relaxing. You’ll enjoy while you wear, rich herbal flavour yet not too strong – bit of Camomile plus English black tea smell – which is enriched with premium fermented black tea(^^;;). After 15 mins, just rinse off with luke-warm water and it reveals softer, smoother and instantly radiant complexion.

The one thing that I’d like to say is, this mask has an advanced antioxidants derived from organic Jeju Green Tea with Gallic Acid for more firm & transparent skin. It delivers deep hydration & nourishment with soothing effect. The Black Tea also called ‘Immortal Health Elixir’ in history as it has proven amazing age-delay results with antiseptic properties. If it does sound already interesting, you may look up black tea related products as one of top 10 main global leading beauty company “Innisfree & TonyMoly” have just released big range of skincare products with black tea ingredients.

And just a reminder, I don’t say that sheet masks are not good enough to treat yourself, but you need to check the all ingredients and use less frequently (2~3 times a week) if it contains rich, concentrated essence as they may give skin irritation, especially for sensitive skin. They are still great products and an instant hydration booster that helps bring back luster to dull skin and firm the complexion.

Also there is a kind of rule that treatments react at different times, especially for women due to regular hormone cycles. I will post more details about this later on.

Thanks for reading~

(published on 2016. Dec.)

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