Quick Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Have you already planned for this Halloween? I guess you all have. ^^

Well, I was invited to my friends’ party 2 weeks ago and didn’t think it’s gonna be a serious party, however everybody is talking about the costumes and makeup so I had a look for quick makeup tutorials, as I am not familiar with this style.

I found these two – actually three including Banila Co.’s quick tip – real simple & wouldn’t take a long time and you can use your daily makeup products. That’s all I needed even though there are tons of amazing tutorials on the web.

I hope theses video rescue someone like me – has no idea about Halloween- and that you have a fantastic time!

1. Harley Quinn Makeup by Miranda Hedman
– One of the biggest costumes this year is guaranteed to be ‘Suicide Squad’s breakout character Harley Quinn’. All you need is cotton candy colored pigtails, messy eye makeup and red lipstick.

2. Corpse Bridal Makeup from Beautipop.com
If I have time, will try this one. So pretty and I’ve got most of items she used. ^^;;

OKAY~ Just watch this >.<

3. Simple Harley Quinn Tip by Banila Co. Beauty Lab
Unfortunately there is no subtitle but I guess you can follow it easily. You only need is red lipstick, black liner & some bright blue eye shadow. Don’t forget the mask for prepping skin before makeup, you will see what I mean.

Happy Halloween~!!

(published on 2016. Oct. 25)


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