Top 3 Luxurious ‘Hydrating Ampoule’ in Korean Cosmetics

If your whitening products are not working properly, you may need to check your hydration level. When the skin isn’t hydrated it becomes dry which is a problem if you suffer from acne, dermatitis or eczema because dry skin can make your condition worse, also result in wrinkles and blemishes.

But why a luxurious brand? Well, it started from ‘Lirikos’ to make a BOOM about ‘Hydrating’ or ‘Ampoule’ to spread out the word to Koreans.

Long~~~ time ago, probably the late 1990’s? – you know I’m not in my 20’s (that’s why I have age spots^^;;) anyway, one of wishlist in daily skincare products was the ‘Lirikos Hydro Ampoule’, and many Koreans know as a called ‘TTOK-TTAK-E Ampoule’ because the trial sample makes a sound like that when you break it.

So in this post, I’d like to share briefly the product information for these top 3 cosmetics and tips to help your skin looks healthy & glow.
< Products List (Random order) >
1. SU:M37 Water-full Deep Effect Ampoule
2. Lirikos Marine Hydro Ampoule (5ml*12)
3. OHUI Miracle Moisture Ampoule 777


All of products are packed in individual bottle which is concentrated formula to keep fresh and delivers active ingredients faster & effectively to your skin.

Features SU:M37 Ampoule has a measurement on the bottle and OHUI has a conical tube to control the amount.



Texture thickness(density) is Lirikos < SU:M37 < OHUI in order, however all of them quickly penetrate into skin so you wouldn’t feel it’s sticky. And as they are serums(ampoules) so need to apply after toner, before moisturizer.
*Yes, you can use throughout the day when you feel dry, just don’t use excess (Ex. 1.5ml amount probably a maxium dose per use or day depends on your skin types). Rub your hands to make warm and gently wrap & press your face after applying these ampoules.

*Here is the first TIP!
If you have Hydrating Basic Skincare products, just add a whitening (brightening) essence or serum, and your basic skincare products are full with Whitening Products, need a hydrating serum, probably cream. That’s why lots of beauty consultants recommend mix products not only as a upselling but its functionality.

When skin is well-hydrated, it is more plump and resilient and prevent a signs of aging – fine lines & wrinkles. However, if you have already visible dark spots caused by sun damage and scarring or aging spots, need a proper treatment. Any hydration cosmetics don’t work for these, they only fill water into the cell.

*Here is the second TIP!
Use a vitamin powder to mix with your favourite moisturizer or essence for intense brightening care. (Interestingly, I’ve seen the video the other night some beauticians are actually using vitamin tablet for facial mist. They just throw into a pure water bottle(spray type bottle) and spray onto their face – let me know if this right for you^^;;)

Or use the spot gel/treatment for the target area. WHOO Whitening Intensive, Innisfree Spot Cream (cica balm) & Sidmool GoodSpot Cream could be the alternative option.

Plus, just released from NEOGEN ‘White Truffle Oil Drop Serum‘. I’ve only tested couple of days and this is the texture. Lightweight, oil/water mixed formula so it doesn’t leave sticky feeling and hydrates well. Specially smells are just awesome. We will have early next week so keep an eye on it^^.


In summary, to keep your skin hydrated – because the firm base can build more beautiful structure – & brighten your complexion,
1. Drinking enough water every day(6~8 glasses)
2. Must have the product contains ‘hyaluronic acid’ which is the key ingredient to hold water in your skin. When there is adequate water from inside and out the skin looks healthier and more vibrant and is less prone to wrinkles.
3. Use a proper whitening functional products
(Need to know: most of whitening cosmetics make your skin dry due to its active ingredients)

The cooler months come (not here in Australia) means perfect time to target dark spots, pigmentation and skin discolouration. Hopefully you get some useful information here.

Thanks for reading!

(published on 2016 Oct.)

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