HERA Mist Cushion Nude Amber & Cushion Compatibility

Yes.. It’s an another cushion article, however you may be pleased as I have found some interesting facts ……………

Around the time IOPE started renewing Air Cushion’s formula & design, other brands (HERA & Laneige) of Amore Pacific also were planning their own new projects. At this time all the refills were compatible however as the products have been upgraded, this is no longer always the case.
Well, I guess it’s fair enough, they offer better quality & charming design and consumers need pay for it. However, my biggest secrets are… revealed here^^;;

Q1. I wondered how dark the colours are in each brand?
Most cushions unfortunately only come in 21 & 23, as so many Korean bases do and the IOPE new cushion No.23 which is the darkest color & color is very similar with other formula, has a little bit brighter than my skintone – usually I cover this issue with darker tone base such as BB cream & foundation.

This time I ordered for myself the darkest color in HERA (No.25 Amber) – HERA is the most popular cushion in Asia and gossip is naughty sellers are made in China illegally for quick profit and sale.

Anyway, here is one picture that I tried on my hands with other shades in HERA Mist Cushion.

The thing that you need to know; HERA Mist Cushion has a different shades system which is NUDE & COVER. As you may noticed in a title, COVER has more coverage and new shade No.17 (Rose Vanilla) and NUDE is more natural look & the darkest color(No.25 Amber).

When I applied, it blended just like my skin with real dewy complexion – I usually use other Korean brand No.23 shade but little bit yellow/browny tone, MAC Matchmaster Foundation 4.0 is bit dark to me, it makes my face dull & down (I’m not critisizing just giving some ideas).

And this is another picture that compares with other brands. Interestingly, old Laneige has a lighter color than other brands shade – for example No.13 is similar to other brands No.21, however this picture shows new Laneige BB Cushion has a same system.. No.21 , No.23 etc.. (Wish I had a No.21 BB Cushion to compare -. -)

Q2. Will this really Not fit into older version cushions?
This is the answer – Everytime I searched on the Korean Portal Site, they (Amore Pacific Beauty Consultant) said it will not. They all have new packaging and doesn’t fit with any others. Well, the facts are half & half.

As they say, New IOPE & Laneige are both compatable, BUT actually old Laneige & HERA Ultra Moisture Refills are fit into the HERA’s New Mist Cushion case, which means that other products – Verite, Old IOPE, Amore Pacific Cushion are all compatible. I could be wrong, but this is one proof that it’s true.

Isn’t it great news? Maybe just me^^;; Well I assume that there are some people who has old + lots of limited edition case, they are very happy about this factor.

So, it’s your choice. If you want to try other cushions because they are all different – texture, dewyness & coverage – you can now.

Remember, New IOPE fits into Laneige New BB Cushion only and New HERA Mist & Long Stay Cushions all compatible with other Amore Pacific cushions.

1. HERA Age Cushion is not compatible with any other cushion due to it having a patent formula so the manufacturer didn’t want it

2. Innisfree belongs to Amore Group however they runs their business separately so their cushions are not compatible, same as ETUDE HOUSE

3. New Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushions Intense is also not compatible.

Thanks for reading & any products inquiry(especially refills), please email us.
Laneige hasn’t changed the color system and still No.13 is similar to other brand’s No.21 (Light Beige). If you see below picture, it looks like No.21 (Beige) & No.23(Sand) are almost same, however No.23 is slightly darker tone and when you apply onto face it settles down really well, just like your skin tone.

If you’re bit disappointed in IOPE darkest color(No.23), I recommend this shade “Laneige No.23(Sand)”. Coverage wasn’t a problem for me, I just used a shimmering base (normally SU:M37 Dazzling Base, this time ‘Too Cool For School – Pearl Invasion’) and didn’t notice any imperfections, and it did blend well overall.


In Summery, Laneige No.23 is lighter than HERA NUDE No.25 – has a pinky base compare to Laneige & IOPE – and slightly darker than IOPE’s any of No.23 shade. So if you want to create healthy, lightly tanned complexion, go with HERA Amber other wise Laneige Sand is the winner for natural medium skin tone, No.23+ shade seeker.


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