Sidmool’s Most Popular Item “EGF Ampoule” with Roller

“A drop a day, doctor goes away?” Well.. I guess it could be true. A proper daily serum can make you less visit to skin clinic. A serum – concentrated skin treatment
which delivers active factors such as brightening, anti-aging, reparing etc, faster than other skincare products to achieve more younger, healthier skin.

(More information about the serum? Click Here!)

Since Min Jung Gi (The founder of ‘Sidmool’) launched a ‘Bio-Nano EGF Ampoule‘, lots of Koreans have talked about that product and how good it is. As it has the ‘Min Jung Gi’ title on the package, he put his name on that serum for guaranteed quality. A tiny bottle with powerful anti-aging & repairing formula solved many people’s skin concerns.



An intensive anti-aging concentrated & skin renewal serum. Contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) to promote epidermal cell renewal. (11ml)



*What exactly ‘EGF’ means and how it works?*

EGF (Epidermal growth factor) : It’s a low-molecular-weight polypeptide that stimulates cell growth of many different cell types at the cellular level and helps increase collagen production. AKA polypeptide developed to speed wound recovery, it has led many in the beauty industry as a powerful anti-aging product. There is concern that with repeated use EGFs can cause skin cells to overproduce, and that’s not good (psoriasis is an example of what happens when skin cells overproduce). So recommend using small amount on targeted area first, even though Sidmool & Swanicoco used the stable maximum capacity 10ppm.

Let’s get in deep. This below picture shows the texture.


It’s like a water, really light-weight texture that absorbs instantly. First time I used I didn’t feel like much went on so I applied a lot.. but it’s bit pricy so tried to drop on my face directly rather than treating my hands and dapped for better absorption. Well, normally sticky, rich serums need this action, however I’ve heard that if you dap your skin after applying serum or cream, it helps penerate deep into skin to deliver main key ingredients to work effectively.

Here is a support example. ‘LG Tune Age Ceramic Lifter’ which is a facial massager for lifting & helps enhance the absorption of certain skincare products after use.


As illustrated, if you use this beauty device, the product penetrates in deep 2 times more than using a hand. That’s the whole concept – spend a fortune on all sorts of serums but they’re not actually delivered to your skin which means the serum’s effectiveness is not working & so wasting your money. Some people may argue that it is only one picture to show proof, however the manufacturer has worked many years in developing this innovative formula, and I kind of like this idea actually.
(BTW we may have this product later so any comments would be great^^)

And this is another method for serum homecare treatment. Sidmool & Swanicoco have both device with two types of roller. It’s a micro-needle roller which wraps
with needles on the roller to help product absorption. If it made with gold plate, the price is about 75% higher and it works more effectively and more usage too.


Both Sidmool & Swanicoco suggest using multiple times with sterilization after use (although in the Sidmool’s product page – “it’s disposable – one time use only”, most customers are using more than once). Do not share and do not use on serious acne developed face or injured/damaged skin. Kind of common sense for this – means use basic hygiene. And there is no English manual so please check with the product details on the Sidmool Roller

This is the first time I used it and I felt just getting acupuncture on my face. It’s painless & easy to use. Only you need to do is use slowly & be careful to keep the roller as clean as possible, and avoid any irritating skincare products either before or after usage.


One more thing, this is the video showing how all kind of EGF serum works. Thanks for ‘Swanicoco & Dr. Syul’.

*Just Reminder – Swanicoco has specials on their best sellers including this EGF serum quiet often, so keep an eye on it.^^

Lastly, I used this serum just couple of days so I will update more result for this EGF serum.


“Beauty – you can create!! Keep it up!”

Thanks for reading.

(published on 2016. August)


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