What has changed in the IOPE New Air Cushion?

The cushion foundations’ originator IOPE – it has revolutionized makeup trends and truly earned a name for itself in the cosmetic industry. As cushions have been made by L’oreal, Biothem, Bobbi Brown, etc,. IOPE has upgraded their formula and resolved some problems.

Here are some new features and bit of color comparisons – new cushion has 4 different types of formula & 5 shades and I’ve tried a Matt Longwear(No.23) which is good for hot summer & if you sweat easily like me.

Here it is:
IOPE New AIR CUSHION®: The 4th-Generation Air cushion makes skin look bright and moisturized for long hours by improving skin’s moisture retention capability with Bio Water™. It has a light yet strong coverage with IOPE’s patented Air Cover Powder™ and it creates more radiant & dewy look as if skin is holding moisture.

This is a simple diagram for new cushions. Each cushion has a different color on the package and name by its functionality.


1. Moisture Glow
It’s similar to original IOPE XP cushion. If you’re a fan of original IOPE cushion this is the right one for you.
*Features: Perfect-Fit clear coating film provides naturally radiant, healthy and bright skin as it softly adheres to skin.

2. Lasting Moisture
This is new one compared to the old version.
*Features: The skin glazing complex makes skin look hydro-radiant as if skin is holding up moisture. I can say that it’s good for dry to very dry skin or someone who wants a more dewy look.

3. Intense Cover
It has replaced IOPE original intense cover in it’s aim for excellent coverage.
*Features: Air-Cover Barrier system makes skin look flawless by smoothly covering skin’s blemishes and red tone.

4. Matte Long Wear
Likewise, it is a upgrade version of IOPE Matt Finish original.
*Features: The compact fitting system and pore care make skin matte and silky-bright for long hours without darkening.

Some beauty bloggers say that the adherence, long-lasting effect & comfortable wearing is much better, however there is a slight color difference such as pink/yellow base. Overall it has been a big success.

One more thing, the honeycomb shape sponge is the biggest benefit which controls the amount and doesn’t need to be flipped like the previous version – it releases the product really well and the puff doesn’t stain the liquid foundation. I experienced it & proved it to be true.^^


This is the picture of new package design. It is slimmer & smaller so it doesn’t fit with older version of refill and other Amore Pacific brand’s cushions. Sadly it’s only compatible with new cushions, and HERA also released new Mist Cushion so it’s an another exceptional compatibility.



The colors, well I only was able to compare Matt Longwear No.23 with IOPE RX No.23 and found that nothing much different between the same shades, except finish. Matt cushion contains Pore Elastomer which conceals pores to reduce shine so texture looks more matte.


This is another comparison for coverage. I can say that it’s not a perfect however it did a good job.^^


Lastly, below has No.21 Color comparisons for all the new IOPE Air Cushions, and I hope you now have some ideas for choosing the right one for you. Big Thanks to Beauty blogger “pureminiv”.




N/W color comparisons:


(published on 2016. May)


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