Hanskin Top 2 New Products Review



Hanskin, one of South Korea’s leading makeup brands, features a revolutionary, versatile BB cream for several skin concerns such as whitening, oil control, color correcting, treats wrinkle etc,.. Hanskin may have been one of the first to make BB creams in Korea, however it doesn’t mean they are good products – it’s still tempting to trust one of the originators of BB creams.

Recently Hanskin merged with pharmaceutical company Celltrion and now it’s called Celltrion Skincure – developed with Celltrion’s exclusive Bio-PEP Science Technologies to help to deliver beautiful & healthy skin, at the same time they’re still using their own brand so you can see some of product has a different logo with(celltrion logo).

Since ‘Bio Origin Ampoule BB EX’ & ‘Real Complexion Cream’ launched & hits – well, at least on media – I was fully tempted with the products, especially when Korean actress ‘Kim Tae-Hee’ applied on her skin on a live show, I thought “This gonna be a great wish list for every woman to feel like ‘Be a Tae-Hee’ in a few seconds.” ^^;;

I know you all need more reasons to convince yourself to spend your money so I’m here to write for quick review to help your choice.

1. Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB EX
It’s an upgrade version of ‘Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB’ and has stronger UV protection, better texture, brightening effect and more – below pictures show the texture and coverage. The texture is a liquid type formula that seamlessly blends on the skin. Just apply small amount(1pump is enough) first and build up the coverage if needed. Its a lightweight and can be runny on the hands.


A tip – watch out what type & how much product you put on your face before applying this BB cream, as it may change the whole experience for 1st time users.


One shade suitable for No.21 users is similar to other Korean brand’s Light Beige color & No.23 (Medium Beige, Light Medium skin tone) that is available. Bit tanned & deep beige tone user may feel bright for their skin tone, however good to mix with any another of your foundation products. Creates “the flawless complexion’ effortlessly. (My skin tone is medium beige and use No.23 any brand’s cushion, also Mac NC35 powder is little bit dark to me if I use for entire face)


As a reference, this is the color comparison with other brand’s BB & CC cream.


2. Real Complexion Cream
It’s a brightening, color-correcting cream instantly corrects a range of complexion concerns to create a skin more bright & radiant. It contains calamine so the color is pink and without any artificial colorants. It’s brightening with wrinkle-improvement, this functional product can be used as a sleeping pack, but you need to remove the stickiness with tissue after apply with sufficient amount to the face – company recommends this and to use small amount & gently dap until fully absorbed.

When I used for the first time the texture was bit thick and bouncy(means not light as other normal facial cream) but it’s spreadable. Yes, dabbing is better for full absorption and wasn’t dry to me, I used after serum-emulsion. (You may see some articles – it’s bit dry.) However, this cream is used as the last skincare step so didn’t feel dry at all. It may different if you try on cleansed & towel dried face.


This is an another picture showing instantly brighten up my skin and as it’s a brightening & wrinkle-improvement functional product, it actually helps fade dark spots and discoloration as well as vanish fine lines & wrinkles.


When you open, lift up the cap and press side with both hands. Pretty pink cream will come out and be ready for your face tone-up.


One more thing, we don’t have “the millionaire selling product – Hanskin Super BB, Light touch BB, Magic BB”, the reason is that they contains some parabens. I am not saying products which have parabens are bad, as often other preservatives are used instead of parabens, and those BB creams are really good for coverage, color correcting, protecting skin from pollution & UV and whitening & wrinkle-improvement.

We’re looking for better product for our skin as we have listed on this blog. They maybe pricy but it’s worth it.

Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB EX

Tae-Hee's secret beauty item, upgraded with 3R System™ for more radiant & flawless complexion. Formulated with Fermented Oil Complex to improve elasticity, radiance & skin texture. (40ml)



Hanskin Real Complexion Cream LX

A tone-correcting moisturizer that is enriched with botanical extracts to create a lasting, youthful radiance. Upgraded formula with pudding-like texture reveals more suppled & younger-looking skin. (50g, season3)


cart_iconYou can  buy here, too ..
HANSKIN Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB EX
Hanskin Real Complexion Cream LX

See you on the next blog~^^

(published on 2016. May)

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