Pony’s Taylor Swift Transformation Makeup Tutorial

This Blogger’s Insane Taylor Swift Transformation Is Straight Out of Your Wildest Dreams

If you needed any proof that there are women in the world who would love to borrow Taylor Swift’s beauty tips, look no further that the recent makeup tutorial video from Korean beauty blogger ‘PONY’.

In her most recent eye-catching video, the process of transforming into Taylor herself – cat eye, red lip, and signature makeup – is captured in under seven minutes. The team at Teen Vogue spotted this video going viral in a major way, and we can totally see why. PONY Makeup, who is gorgeous at the beginning without the pop star makeup, is basically Taylor’s twin at the end. Prepare to be amazed.

[Article resource: ‘popsugar.com.au’]

I don’t think I can do, she’s amazing! However those items she used, they’re worth a try^^

( published Apr.2016 )


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