IOPE The Vitamin C23 & C25 Serum Quick Review

Are you a big fan of vitamin C serum? I am! 😊 

🍋Vitamin C benefits for skin?

One of our must-have in daily skin care regimen to improve skin tone and texture is Vitamin C serum. It works as an antioxidant that reduces damage from sun exposure such as hyperpigmentation, aging and sunburn, and also inhibits an enzyme that makes the skin pigment, melanin. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production to keep skin firm, youthful-looking.

The most common (most effective) form of vitamin C is called L-ascorbic acid (ascorbic acid), using it in a serum is best because it keeps vitamin c stable, more effective and gives better penetration.

🍋What strength would be best?

I’m not an expert about vitamin c so have searched, however the answer is not clear enough. There are a lot of different serums each with different concentrations and variants of vitamin C, so if you want to find the best product – probably looking high level of vitamin C, expecting better results, you should be aware of risks for redness or irritation, and also spending too much money on the product as well^^;

Most Dermatologists recommend a vitamin C concentration of 10~15% as it is more likely to yield the benefits and it gives less skin irritation.

🎉New IOPE The Vitamin C Serum(s)

(Yes, I wanted a high strength of vitamin C serum for quick, better results^^;)

⭐️IOPE The Vitamin C23

It’s a highly concentrated vitamin c serum, containing pure ascorbic acid 23% and Amorepacific achieved optimal vitamin absorption of concentration 23% through its 21yrs of vitamin research.

*Benefits for skin
• 23% concentration of pure vitamin C helps brighten, even and retexturize skin – visibly tightens and enhances natural glow
• Blended with powerful antioxidant complex(Vt. C & E and pro-retinol) to fight free radicals and increase penetration into the skin cells
• Patented Bi-Phase formula (oil + vitamin c layer) protects vitamin C from exposure to water, light or oxygen

*Packaging & Texture

*Renewal version is in a matte, darker bottle and increased capacity(15–>17ml)

⭐️ IOPE A.C.E Vitamin C25

Product benefits and packaging pretty much the same, delivering a superior amount of vitamin C (25%) to the skin to fight wrinkles and fine lines, while brightening skin tone.

According to company’s information, over 20% concentration of vitamin C maximizes anti-aging benefits and visibly tightens and firms. This high percentage serum has proven results that slower the vitamin C oxidation and lessened skin irritation compared to other brand’s products, also applying on smoothly with not only skin brightening but also powerful anti-wrinkle benefits.

C25 has slightly thicker(but still lightweight texture), and its formulas high strength makes a darkened yellow color look.

*Each Target
IOPE C23 Serum is sold online/off-line shops, however C25 is only sold only by authorized Amorepacific beauty consultants – It has monthly special-sets such as double serum set & Retinol Vitamin Duo Set.

The Vitamin C23 is targeted to 20~30s when brown spots appear on the skin from sun exposure – can start early 20s, and The A.C.E Vitamin C25 recommended for early 40s and later.


I have been using this vitamin C serum (C23, 17ml) when I have a big pop (should not be squeezed but I did, using an extract tool) – please don’t do this like me😭. With mature skin, such as mine, the skin turnover rate and cell cycle is slower, so I’ve got not a dramatic result, however my pore size appears tightened with skin texture visibly smooth, soft, and overall a brighter complexion than before (couldn’t find a months after photo-.-)

This time, using Vitamin C25, this is my 3 day photo – will update in 4 weeks. 23ml is used for 1~2 month, and I look forward to seeing the result.


Cannot say should add vitamin C serum in your daily routine as some people get skin irritations and maybe other serums (antioxidants or whitening functional serums) are giving better results, however I just stepped into the Vitamin C world and just adore it, achieving satisfying results so far (tried a couple of serums before, not continuously, and since then haven’t been using for such a long time so not much decision on which was better >.<)

This IOPE is my 3rd vitamin C serum, and as usual my skin gets a little tingling when first applied but no irritation at all. Its lightweight texture absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave a heavy sticky feeling – apply small drops and massage into skin.

*Recommend Use Tip

Both serums can be used morning and night, however C25 serum recommends for night (in their website, however not by beauty consultants – both okay they said). I also applied AM with sunscreen and it went well. If you are worried then use at night.

👉🏻Need to know

It has a patent formula Dual Vita C Formula™ which has 2 layers in the bottle. As earlier described the oil layer on top prevents vitamin C degradation so please shake well before using. Its dropper packaging and Serum formula make it easy to forget to shake all the time^^ (as I forgot as well), and if I had followed the directions I could have seen better results. ,😋

Thanks for reading and will add a quick introduction of Korean’s new vitamin C serum which is getting hot.

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