HERA Glow Lasting Foundation SPF25/PA++ Review

Currently I switched from cushion foundation to Hera Black Foundation – foundation only, not layering cushion or powder as the Black Foundation itself deliver very good natural-looking finish, no need to retouch – in my makeup routine, and couldn’t resist to try this new HERA Glow Lasting Foundation.

Not many authentic (not sponsored) reviews yet and quiet pricey, however lots of Beauty Blogger’s guaranteed it gives a long-lasting effect without darkening, comfortable wear and natural-looking glow. It’s “Too Good to remove makeup” so I have tried 23N1 color.

I wasn’t a fan of foundation so I’m posting briefly HERA Glow Foundation’s basic info – color swatches, texture and finishing result, and give you some guide lines about it.

< Product Description >

This glow foundation blends into your skin densely along the skin texture with a thin layer, and fits tightly to give a smooth, slim and transparent look.
The formula containing Sheer Fitting Film, featuring excellent light reflection and adherence, builds a firm makeup layer that maintains a non-fading clear radiance for up to 24hrs.

< Color Swatches >



< Comparisons with HERA Black Foundation >


New Glow Foundation contains moisturizing and skin conditioning ingredients that help smooth the skin, boost moisture & natural radiance so it has a less coverage than Black Foundation yet good coverage, and lightweight (doesn’t feel like wearing) on skin as well as deliver dewy-glow finish. Non-sticky – check out this file from PowderRoom below, and no strong fragrance – pretty much nothing, however it doesn’t sit on fine lines(especially smile lines). Please find the tip ‘how to soften smile lines’ later on this post^^


< Pair with HERA Special Brush? >


It is soft, quite thick and can easily sweep the foundation across the face. I’m familiar with flat normal foundation brush(eg. Piccasso Brush) so this(flat thick head, not curved) is new to me, however this custom brush is easy to use, blends seamlessly and great for wide & hard-to-reach area too.

If see a streak-mark like below picture, just lightly dab with thick, flat bottom of brush or finish with your favorite makeup puff. I do use a cushion puff to finish up, but you can use your blender/puff – spraying facial mist onto puff and gently pat to support long-lasting effect, giving more density.


< Useful Tip! >

1. How to apply this Glow Foundation?

Apply with HERA Glow Foundation Brush – just be aware that new brush absorbs a lot of foundation for the first time. Squeeze 1~2 small pumps onto back of the hand and apply in a circular motion – gently buff onto your skin (I recommend this HERA Brush using in a sweeping motion all over the face is better).

Adding my tricks, apply sunscreen and/or HERA Magic starter with brush(not your hand) before this foundation, it makes even, thin layer on the surface, and work well with foundation application.

2. How to disguise crease in smile lines

You can use a primer or concealer before foundation, but this trick is great for after foundation, very simple and doesn’t make your look cakey.

I have used this trick for a long time, using ‘Banila Co Prime Hydrating Powder & The Whoo Pressed Powder’ and also found it on ‘Bonobim(된다) – Korean illustrator/YouTuber’s post.


< My Thought >

HERA Glow Foundation is light in texture, comfortable, good balance of glow & coverage, and delivers natural dewy-looking finish for last long. Time goes by it sits well on my skin (below picture was taken after 6 ~7hrs) as it promised a luminous, natural glow up to 24hrs.


Minor gripe is that its serum-like glowing formula doesn’t sit in my deep crease in smile lines, however blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines naturally yet effectively. I do wear nowadays coral/orange tone blush so add your favorite blush or bronzer over it, then it will make your look fresh, vibrant and pigmentation’s are no longer an issue.

I’m very impressed with both HERA Black and Glow Lasting Foundations – I have only worn this new glow foundation less than a week, still think I like the ‘HERA Black Foundation’ more – also I have dry skin with “rich” T-zone^^;, however the new formula (Glow Lasting Foundation) looks and feels like a second skin, and it just glows all day. It’s worth trying if you like dewy, glow-looking makeup, your skin looks plumped too.

HERA – You have done it again!


Thanks for reading~ ❤️

*2 images used/edited from ‘PowderRoom’ and ‘된다’ blog post. Thanks for sharing (감사합니다^^)


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