Laneige Neo Foundation Matte Review

Hot right now! Why? – Have tested and hope this article helps to make your decision easily😊

As Laneige Neo Cushion has ‘mega sold’ (for me it was also a totally satisfying product), I couldn’t wait to try this new Laneige Neo Foundation Matte.
When launched in July at Aritaum (authorized Amorepacific online/ off-line mall) – was earlier than Amore Mall – the title was Laneige Neo Foundation High Cover – still using same title however Laneige official site & Amoremall use ‘Neo Foundation Matte‘ which is more suitable for the product. Matte formula = Matte (Finish) as Laneige has a Neo Foundation Glow (moisturizing formula, glow finish).

🚀The Package

No doubt that Laneige has innovative technologies for both product(content) and packaging – Layering Lip bar(dual lip color), Neo Cushion (spinning method to change a refill) & Ultimate Velvet Lipstick (pop-out lip case) which is new-released a few weeks ago, and this Neo Foundation has a magnetic cap that can also be used as a brush holder.

🚀The Formula

• A lightweight, micro texture-correcting powder that is applied smoothly and thinly to create even complexion without getting cakey and comfort skin
• A combination of quick-setting oil & light oil deliver a silky smooth, healthy glow finish
• Infused with Panthenol and microbiome (Lactobacillus Ferment Lysate) to soothe skin and promote skin turnover

👉Yes, It has a lightweight yet medium plus coverage and blends seamlessly despite its texture – semi-fluid, jelly-like liquid that creates an ultra-thin glossy layer on the skin, you wouldn’t notice that though.

The formula has less SPF number SPF16 (same protection grade though) compared to Neo Cushion (SPF42/PA++) so it has a smoother texture and contains more oils that give a healthy glow on your skin and sets quickly.

On the left is the Neo Cushion and on the light side is a Neo Foundation. Foundation has an oily residue that makes better application and enhances a natural-glow.

🚀Color Comparison

This foundation 23N1 has a slightly darker tone compare to other makeup products for No.23 user(my skin is #22~#23, close to #23), and my skin also can handle 21N1 shade, so color choice would be matter to whom has slightly brighter #23 than standard #23.
I have tried Laneige Neo Foundation Glow (23N1) and I personally prefer the Glow Foundation.

(Once applied, Laneige Neo Glow Foundation matches with my skin tone, Matte Foundation get slightly darker)

As it shows it sets perfectly on my skin tone. It has a semi-glow so if more matte finish, you can dab with setting powder over the Glow Foundation or simply touch up with Laneige Neo Cushion Matte over the butterfly zone which the area get touched with face mask – wish to show in the video^^; – maybe one day soon 😜

This image shows a comparison for 17N1, 21N1 and 23N1 – visible difference, right? One good thing is No.17 & No.21 shads are both quite good match with Laneige Neo Cushion so easy to choose, and also Neo Foundation has a 17C1 (No.17 with cool undertone) so if have disappointed in Neo Cushion 17N1 color, go for this new shade.

✨New: Surebase Nudy Steady Foundation

This is one of ‘Hot Right Now’ items so I have compared it with Laneige Foundation. One of the main colors is ‘N2 Bright Bonnie’ which is recommended for No.23 (medium) users so I have picked this shade and suits my skin tone. More neutral tone and slightly lighter than Laneige Neo Foundation 23N1 so I personally recommend for No.22 user rather than tone-down standard No.23 – may visible difference in your face & neck line 😰

🚀My Thought

Laneige Neo Foundation Matte is a very good product that you will definitely enjoy, especially if you’re one of Laneige Neo Cushion lovers. Color choice can be a bit tricky however few tricks could solve the issues, and didn’t irritate my skin at all – comfortable to wear. It appears slightly darkening at the end of the day but wasn’t a big issue to me and doesn’t transfer much on my face mask, only around the edge of the mask – result may differ depending on the weather condition.
Having Mint color in my bathroom/makeup room, also makes me feel never bored 🥳

If you don’t try, you will never know😅 – If anyone who’s interested in this product please send an email through a contact page that I can post a sample (17N1 & 21N1 or 21N1 & 23N1 sachet) – only people live in AUS and 5 first email received.

Thanks for reading & See you in the next post~

ps. My Neo Foundation Application Tip
• 1 Big pump or small 2 pumps would be perfect for whole face, do not access the amount
• If you don’t have the Laneige Neo Foundation Brush which was a launching special Free Gift, use it with your foundation brush which is quite dense or short bristle.

Recommendation: gesgep Make Tone Brush and/or Fillimilli V-cut brush #822

• Apply the product from the face line toward to center as the amount will be less applied on the cheek & nose which has a wide pores
• When you apply the foundation to a brush, try the foundation on your hand and spread evenly to distribute evenly on the brush, remember? Less is more! then you can build up if you need more coverage.

BYE~ 👋


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  1. Hey i was following your online shop Beauty Monday and have only bought stuff from there since you were still My Face Cleanser but cant seem to find your shop now 🥺😭. Have you changed the website name?


    1. Hi Kim~ Thanks for contacting. Yes we have changed the online store (Beauty-Monday) to ‘’. Any other questions if have feel free to contact. Thanks Always~😄


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